About Us

Kingdom Change is the ministry of Will Riddle.  Will is a ministry strategist who helps ministry leaders bring their ministries to the next level. His strategic skills have been tapped in areas as diverse as non-profits, churches, and political action groups to bring new focus and breakthrough to the next level. If your organization is in need of a strategic consultation, we invite you to contact us at will@kingdomchange.org.

Will’s mission is to train an army of radical disciples who will confront the systems of this world with the power of the Gospel.  His teaching cuts through contemporary confusion and challenges God’s people stand and be a transformational generation. Will brings breakthrough insights into the big-picture issues confronting the church today.  He is author of  Free At Last: How to Make the Gospel Work, Introducing the Bible,  Unlocking the Heart, Cracking the End Time Code and other works.

Will holds a Master of Divinity in Urban Ministry from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and a B.A. from Duke University.  Those interested may review our Statement of Faith.

In addition to his strategic insights, Will ministers prophetically with depth and insight reflective of his pastor’s heart. (If you have prophetic received ministry from Will, we ask that you read the guidelines to Receiving a Prophecy).  Below is a recent testimony of someone impacted by Will’s personal ministry:

“I was close to the end my rope, haunted by a past of sexual depravity. I was suicidal and engaging in life-threatening activities, even cutting myself in frustration with life. But before I took my own life, God brought me in contact with Will. After sharing with him the effects of traumatic horrors I’d endured as a child, I was met with nonjudgmental love and genuine support. It was incredible to feel acceptance despite the horrendous things I’d been doing.

Will cast a demon out of me and I was soon speaking in more than 5 different languages I didn’t even know!!! When I felt afraid that my legs might wobble as I tried to walk with Jesus, Will was there, encouraging and assisting me every single day. With his help, I began understanding God’s unconditional love for me. I now that God has given me hope, and I look forward to an amazing future in Jesus.”  – Florida

“Kingdom Change went above and beyond for me. The team drove hours out of the way just to minister to me and my family. They gave me books, cd’s, access to the online school and never asked me for a dime. The first time I met these guys, they prayed for me and told me everything about me. I’ve never had anybody prophesy to me with such accuracy. I had it recorded over a year ago and I still listen to it. These guys don’t just pray and go away. They will work with you until you are able to walk the Christian walk yourself. Kingdom Change produces soldiers for Christ. It is truly a hands on ministry.”  Vladimr,  Columbus, OH