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As the film industry continues to produce movies with no morality, a pagan morality, or which are otherwise unenjoyable to the Christian who is pursuing God, it has become of more interest to me to find Movies which support a Christian worldview. This does not mean that life is sanitized, but that theme of the movie overall supportive or revelatory of ideals we should appreciate as Christians. Many of these are war movies, I guess partly because the struggle of good versus evil is one of the last values to leave a culture.

  • In the Face of Evil — Documentary of Ronald Reagan’s life. This is bar none my favorite movie. Watching it edifies my spirit. It’s like being deprogrammed from a liberal view of American life.
  • The Matrix — So this movie was not made with any conservative or Christian purpose, but it has deep parallels to Christianity in several key scenes, such as The Red Pill scene, the steak scene, the final victory scene, etc. It is a bit violent, but not in a traumatizing way.
  • The Truman Show — Not as good as the Matrix but good for the same reasons. That programmed fantasy land with the god who does not care about you is your real life without Christ. Time to get off the show, Truman.
  • Flywheel — Here is one I discovered recently. It’s actually a Christian movie about a used car dealer who gets under conviction and turns his life around. It has some heartwarming elements and is generally pretty good for the “Christian” genre.
  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington — This was a truly good film. It’s a story about a good man who gets nominated to the Senate and ends up confronting the political powers that be. It is patriotic, and has some interesting scenes where we learn a little bit about how the machine can operate, including the news media.
  • Gettysburg/Gods and Generals — Both of these Civil War films are excellent in educating us. In Gettysburg we see the North in the crucible for its identity and Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain holding the line. In Gods and Generals start to understand what the war was about for a lot of southerners, even if they were deceived. Stunning portrayal of Jackson here.
  • The Apostle — I know that some Christians did not like this film, and it does have that horrible scene where the apostle hits his rival with the baseball bat, but it also has many scenes which show a lot about the reality of southern Pentecostalism. DuVall is amazing in his portrayal of the psychology sin and redemption.
  • Braveheart — No Christian movie list is complete without Braveheart.  This one truly is violent, but we learn a lot here about conviction and fighting for freedom against evil.
  • The Patriot — Somewhat like a sequel to Braveheart.  This one is good partly because it too uses real historical figures, although some are amalagamated from several historical people. The portrayal of the British here is especially helpful in understanding the revolution.
  • We Were Soldiers — This is THE Vietnam movie. Although it could have been more patriotic, it definitely honored the soldiers, the family and the service, and showed us what Vietnam was like for those who served.
  • Top Gun — Minus the sex subplot, this film comes off as one of the standout patriotic movies of our time. Here the Americans are the good guys and the Soviets are the bad guys. It’s about a young man’s attempt to come to grips with himself and his father’s legacy.
  • Star Wars: Episode IV – The original Star Wars in 1977.  While the others got into more science fiction, this one is a simple struggle of Good versus evil. A seemingly unstoppable evil (Can you say Soviet Empire?) is pitted against a seemingly defeated “Federation” (Can you say USA?). Ultimately a farm boy finds the weakness in the Empire and destroys the “Death Star” Striking resemblance to what Ronald Reagan did to the Soviets just a few years later. In the context of the valueless movies of the 70’s this one was part of a cultural shift which ultimately brought our nation back from the brink.

More to come later!

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  1. Braveheart… please…. As a work of FICTION it is great as a serious historical document its a tissue of lies.

    Its about time Hollywood did a Scots bashing film instead of an English bashing one.

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