School of the Spirit: Basic Training for Spirit-Filled Ministry Teams

Many churches are seeking an increased ministry of the Holy Spirit, but they do not have solid, contemporary tools to empower and build healthy teams. The School of the Spirit is a ministry training manual which your church can use to build a culture that celebrates the work of the Holy Spirit in a way that edifies the body. The School is designed to be run as a 12-week small group, introducing the work of the Spirit in a safe way and building healthy culture in your church.

The Encounter Based Church: A Practical Guide to Church Growth

As American culture becomes increasingly secular, pastors and church leaders are always looking for the most effective and contemporary methods of reaching a new generation. Some place emphasis on proclamation, some on the power of the Holy Spirit, and some on creating a welcoming environment. Yet, for complex reasons, these approaches are too often mutually exclusive, leaving us either preaching to the chosen few, or broadening our message so greatly that we lose focus. But do we really have to sacrifice one for the other? The Encounter-Based Church is a practical guide for pastors who want to see their churches grow not just in number but in depth of encounter with the Holy Spirit.

No Exit: Finding Jesus in the Maze of Religion

Are you totally committed to God yet feel like your life is moving in the slow lane? Do you wish you knew Him better, but you’re confused by the conflicting messages you hear in the Church? Do you feel that God is trying to show you things that run exactly opposite of mainstream teaching? If so, then this book was written for you. No Exit is a book about finding your way out of religious boxes that hinder your walk and into a living and active relationship with Him.

Free at Last: How to Make the Gospel Work

Free At Last: How to Make the Gospel Work is a book designed to bring freedom to people. We have seen them work on everyone – from pastors to ministry leaders to drug addicts and the homeless. This book will show you this simple, Biblical path that is proven to work and set people free.

Free At Last starts by dispelling popular myths and takes you on a journey of truth leading to a powerful love encounter with God. This book will show you how to break out of prison that has kept you reaching your potential in God.

Introducing The Bible

There is so much to learn about the Bible: backgrounds, survey, authorship, archaeology, interpretation, and more. For the average person that can be extremely intimidating. It is easy to get overwhelmed with facts and knowledge and to lose sight of why God gave us the Bible: so that we can have a relationship with Him. What most of us need is not a massive commentary or pile of resources but a simple orientation. We need a basic roadmap that presents the Bible in a way designed to open up revelation, understanding and most importantly, relationship. Introducing the Bible is that book. It brings under one single cover material that usually must be discovered through extensive study. Part reference, part overview, and part interpretive guide, Introducing the Bible will provide a foundation for a lifetime of profitable study.

Rise, Rise, Rise! A Simple Guide To Escaping Poverty

Do you want something better for your family, your future, and your kids? How is it that you can believe God from your heart, yet things around you still don’t seem to change? Doesn’t the Bible promise a way of escape? If you have these same questions, then Rise, Rise, Rise! was written for you. This book has the answers you have been searching for. It will show you God’s path to a different life and the steps which will change your life forever. God made you, “the head and not the tail.” He does not want you on the bottom. He’s put the power in your hands, and He wants you to Rise, Rise, Rise!

Cracking the End Time Code

Is the world about to end or will it last for thousands more years? Are contemporary events in the Middle East foretold by the book of Revelation? Are the blood moons a sign of the end? And why is all of this so confusing anyway? For thousands of years, Christians have been confused by questions about the end times, but even if others are confused, you don’t have to be. Cracking the End Time Code gets to the heart of the matter by breaking down all of the major theories and making them easy to understand. Together, we will examine history, theology, and the Bible on the search for truth. Open your mind. The answers may surprise you.

Unlocking the Heart

Have you ever wondered why some Christians go around and around and never seem to grow? Have you tried to help those around you but can’t seem to turn the key which will unlock their destiny? If so, this book is for you. Unlocking the Heart teaches you how to develop the kinds of relationships that will change the course of people’s lives. It will teach you the skills of a master pastor: the ways to draw out, understand, and ultimately change the contents of the heart of those in your care. As you learn the skills in this book, you will find the effectiveness of your ministry dramatically increase, as you discover the lost art of pastoral care and the keys to Unlocking the Heart.

Come Follow Me

Knowing Jesus is the greatest adventure that you could ever know. No matter where you have been or where you are now, He invites you to follow Him on this amazing journey. He wants to take you to places you can only imagine and do things through your life you could never dream of. Most of all, He wants you to know His love forever. This short little booklet will take you through the basics of walking with God, straight from the Bible, so that you can answer His call to, “Come Follow Me.”

Pathway To Purity

Sexual temptation is one of the major themes of the Bible, and it is something that every man will face at some point in his life. Yet we rarely deal with it in church. Books and other resources on the topic have gotten better, but many are too long or too theoretical for most men to benefit from. What is needed is a simple and practical guide to help men who struggle with lust to overcome it. This is that book. If you apply the keys in this book, you will be on the Pathway to Purity.

Theology for Relationship

Many Christians are scared by the idea of theology, assuming that it is a topic only to be handled by pastors and experts. And truth be told, many theology books are written this way. Yet, what you believe about God is essential to having a vibrant walk with Him. Good theology is not an end unto itself but a doorway to knowing Him better and leading a successful life. Theology for Relationship boils down some of the most complex ideas of the faith into the practicals that can be understood and applied even by new believers. It is a tool you can use to help you cipher and navigate the sometimes confusing waters of contemporary Christianity. It’s not just Theology; it’s Theology for Relationship.