How to Study the Bible: Where to Begin?

There are a mountain of resources available today to help you learn how to study the Bible, the only problem is that most of them are built on incorrect assumptions. In fact, I would go so far as to say, a lot of the training that is out there, it would be better if you had no training at all.   Where to Start The first and most important faulty assumption is that Bible study begins with the Bible. Bible study, begins with you. The Bible is not an artifact. If you study it like an artifact, Read more [...]

The Theology Of The Possible

After years of study, I feel that I am finally starting to get a hold of an idea that has eluded me. I did a long paper in Seminary so that I could clearly understand eschatology. Separately, I've been trying to understand how Charismatic preaching and Bible interpretation works. This leads ultimately to an examination of our Charismatic practice to find the "way forward." There are a lot of groups offering us a false "way forward" in the church right now. The whole "Emergent" movement is capturing Read more [...]

The Feast of Tabernacles

I just finished reading The Feast of Tabernacles by George H. Warnock. It is definitely one of the seminal books of the Charismatic movement, although very few contemporary Charismatics have heard of it. George H. Warnock was a key figure in the “Latter Rain” revival of 1948, and wrote the Feast of Tabernacles in 1951 in response to a prophecy. He had this to say about the relationship between the Latter Rain and the Charismatic movement “It wasn’t long until the move of God began to infiltrate Read more [...]

Covenant Theology

After demolishing dispensationalism, I heard a great Bible teacher say that covenant theology was the answer to the problem. This guy was such a great Bible teacher that I was intrigued. I recently spent a good amount of time looking into Covenant theology and I have a few things to say about it. First, covenant theology is NOT just a listing of the covenants in the Bible. Covenant theology is a theory about a relationship of all of the covenants into a overarching structure of covenants. Normally Read more [...]

The Canonical Exegesis Movement

The "Canonical Exegesis Movement" is not a term in use by anyone, but it is a description of something real that is going on in our time. For most of the 20th century, dispensationalism reigned supreme among evangelicals. This led to a lot of problems with our hermeneutics -- because it was "hyper-literal" and because it wrote off the Old Testament as being "under Law" and therefore not applicable. The more academic types mixed this with higher critical assumptions about the books of the Bible being Read more [...]

Basic Dream Interpretation and Hermeneutics

For the past three nights, I've had dreams that I not only remembered, but were highly symbolic and seemed to have meaning.  In addition, when I awoke from the first dream I felt that I had had a God dream. I told my wife and I began to give the intepretation. It was strange because I rarely dream anymore and I have never interpreted a dream before. But this seemed to just flow off of my tongue, and speak to our situation. In fact, I believe this may have been triggered by a visit to a Bridge church Read more [...]

Bible Translations… Argh!

In the time of Martin Luther, the Bible could be found chained to the Pulpit inaccessible both because of it's language and it's location. It has been pointed out that this was also figuratively true -- that the Church held sole control over the Scripture and its interpretation and it was Luther who unchained it. He translated it into the language of the people, and he also taught them to live by it and from it. This was a very dangerous thing as far as Satan was concerned. He has fought long and Read more [...]

Thoughts on Charismatic Bible Interpretation

In the last post on this topic, I was touching on various approaches to the Bible. I'd like to hone in a bit more on the crux of what I'm grappling with. There exists today a tremendous gap between Charismatics and Evangelicals in their approach to Scripture. So I'm a hard core Charismatic with an evangelical background at an evangelical seminary. No wonder I'm living in tension. Why the tension? Well on the one hand the best of evangelical preaching and thought is very grounding. It's straightforward. Read more [...]

Reading The Bible

Reading the Bible is not as simple as it sounds. I think the hardest thing is that we bring so much to it through our unknown pre-suppositions. Different parts of the Body of Christ use different hermeneutical systems. The way you read the Bible will underlie your entire Christian experience, also entire movements. Now that I've been under several systems, I've developed a real interest in starting from the best possible angle. Here are several approaches used today: Text and Background -- Read more [...]

Post-Reformation Hermeneutics

In the last post, I talked about various contributions made to Christian epistemology through Church History. Upon the core of post-Reformation Epistemology is hermeneutics. The seminal feature of the Reformation was its emphasis on the importance of Scripture for determining the truth, and therefore the great determinant factor in such a context is the method of obtaining truth from the Scripture-Hermeneutics. What Martin Luther initiated in his protracted struggle with the Catholic hierarchy was Read more [...]