Becoming Influential

As I explained in an earlier post, Mordecai understood the proper posture for his time. He intentionally raised his niece to be a woman of influence, and he himself trained to be a person of influence as well. Every Christian in America should be doing both of these things – aspiring to be as influential as possible, and training children to be influential for Christ as well. I mean that literally: aspiring to be as influential as possible. Becoming influential takes years and years of work where Read more [...]

Rip the Band-aid Off

Christians love platitudes. We love to tell each other things like “God doesn’t reward success, he rewards faithfulness.” We say this so we can feel better when we are not succeeding, or when we don’t feel important. The problem with these kinds of sayings is that they keep you from re-examining what you are doing so you can actually be successful. And by success I don’t mean praised, by the world, I mean successful in doing God’s mission. Take a look at the Great Commission. This is Read more [...]

Embracing the Daniel Posture

From the time of Exodus down to the exile, the Jews had their own land and their own government, but beginning in the exile, they existed among the nations as a people set apart. God’s people among the wicked. In other words, they lived just like us. During the time of Israel’s independence, the stories are primarily about their leaders – the Priests, Kings, and Judges. But both before and after their independence, we have completely different stories: stories about Jewish influence among Read more [...]

The Incarnation of the Kingdom

In the book of Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar is given a dream of a giant statue. It has a head of gold, a chest of silver, a core of bronze, and feet of iron mixed with clay. Daniel interprets this dream as four great empires which were coming to rule over the earth.   Gold -- The Babylonians Silver -- The Persians            Bronze -- Alexander and the Greeks            Iron and Clay -- The Romans   All of this happened exactly as Daniel prophesied. The last event, however Read more [...]

Discipling The Nations

I was part of a church once that had a post-millennial flavor to their teaching. In a nutshell, the people who say Jesus is not returning until we take over everything. And that there really won't be any tribulation, basically in the long view, things will get better and better and better until we win. I couldn't swallow this down because it seemed to need to dispatch with too much of the Bible. For example that Revelation was written before 70 A.D. and was mostly all about that. In other words, Read more [...]

The Ministries of Freedom

I was fortunate enough to be in Chicago at the same time as a meeting of the Acton Institute and so despite the super cold weather, I went over to check it out. It was a great meeting because it really stimulated my thinking at a different level than I normally get and it actually confirmed a number of things we've been thinking about but from a different angle. What is the mission of the church? In the last post, I started to deal with the "Kingdoms of this World" and what we have to do with them. Read more [...]

The Kingdoms Of This World

Jesus explicitly says that His Kingdom is "not of this world" (John 18:36) yet some of us still persist, like the crowds, to make him an Earthly king by force (John 6:15). This is not what Jesus wants from us. What he wants is for us to "make disciples" of the nations. Unlike the devil, He wants to rule over a kingdom of voluntary subjects, not of people who are enslaved to Him and hate Him. What is this "making disciples" all about though? Some explain "make disciples of all nations" to mean "take Read more [...]

A Conservative Education

The past 20 years has seen a closing of the ranks among liberals in the American University setting. It's long been an open secret that colleges were liberal, and of course the liberals attributed this to the fact that smart people were liberal. Once you get an education, of course you go liberal. It's recently taking a more sinister turn. Ward Churchill is of course the most striking example. Here is someone who thinks that the victims of 9/11 were morally equivalent to the rulers of the Nazi party. Read more [...]

Movies a Christian Can Enjoy

As the film industry continues to produce movies with no morality, a pagan morality, or which are otherwise unenjoyable to the Christian who is pursuing God, it has become of more interest to me to find Movies which support a Christian worldview. This does not mean that life is sanitized, but that theme of the movie overall supportive or revelatory of ideals we should appreciate as Christians. Many of these are war movies, I guess partly because the struggle of good versus evil is one of the last Read more [...]

The Problem with Scholarship

So I recently found out that I need to review my Hebrew for an upcoming class. I got out my old Hebrew book and started to review. I quickly found myself lost in details as I tried to capture the big picture. I was swimming in exception cases on Dagesh Fortes before I knew it. Nevermind nouns and adjectives. This kind of approach is typical to scholarly literature. It's hard to see the forest for the trees. I remember in College, the hardest class I ever took was statistics. It got so bad that I Read more [...]