Men – No More Apologies


1. What is good about being a man? What are the things that God has designed men specially to do?
2. Describe a healthy relationship between a husband and wife. When men do not act like men, how does this impact women and children?
3. Are you secure in your manhood?

Men – Heart of a Warrior


1. What are some things that substitute for manhood? Do any of these apply to you?
2. Describe in your own words what it means to be a real man.

5 – Walking With God

1. Why do bad things happen to good people? 2. What is the reason why you are where you are in your life and in your walk with God right now? What kind of person do you need to be to to advance in God? Exercises. For these two it is very important that you actually do the exercise discussed on the tape. Directions here below: Worship Exercise: Many people, who have been Christians even for a long time, have difficulty really encountering God's love through Worship. This exercise is designed Read more [...]

4 – The Mission of God


1. What is God’s mission?
2. What is the sign of the end of the world? What things are not signs, that people often look for?
3. Is persecution good for the church? Should we allow ourselves to be persecuted?
4. Name the major areas of life where Christians must engage. Give a brief explanation of why each is important.

3 – The Church


1. In what ways is being a part of a church like being a part of a team? Name ways that people exhibit non-teaming behavior in church.
2. In what ways could you improve your team behavior in church
3. What is the New Testament basis for tithing?
4. How is corporate worship different than private worship?

2 – Character


1. What are the marks of pride?

2. Ask someone else close to you if you exhibit pride or humility. Do you have any signs pride in your life?

3. Why is being transparent important?

4. What is the connection between pride and doctrine?

1 – Being a Christian

This lecture covers the foundation of being a Christian. Questions for each session are designed to help you reflect on what you learned in the session.   We do not want you to answer these questions like a fill in the blank test at school.  We want you to talk about whatever God spoke to you or convicted you of in the message.   Tell us what you are actually getting out of it. 1.  In your own words, summarize what it means to be a Christian 2. Why must Jesus be the only way of Read more [...]

Foundations Course Overview

This course is designed to put you on the right footing for everything else we do.   It starts from the basic concepts in Christianity, but instead of building doctrines, we focus on building character. People often want to skip foundations because they feel like it is review, but these very foundational things are exactly why many people never develop their supernatural potential in God. For this course your assignment is to 1.  Review the Prophetic Discipleship instructions.   For Read more [...]