9 – Repentance Workshop

Read pages 138-149 Free at Last (2nd Edition) --Bring it to God Do each of the exercises explained in the book: Surfacing Exercise Visualization: Imagine the moment of temptation. Heart Ping: Bounce the truth off your heart and see what comes back. Sobriety Exercise Compare what you like about sin to the consequences of sin. False Belief Exercise Build up the case for your false belief. Explain all the reasons why you believe it. Now refute your own Read more [...]

8 – What is Repentance


Read pages 122-137 Free at Last (2nd Edition)
–What is Repentance
–How Sin Works

7 – Grace vs. Works


Read pages 103-111 of Free At Last (2nd Edition)

6 – The Love of God


Read Pages 96-102, 112-120 of Free At Last (2nd Edition)
–The Love of God
–You Must Believe
–Experience God

5 – The Choice to Die


Read Pages 78-94 of Free at Last (2nd Edition)
–Take Responsibility
–God or Entertainment?
–Die to Yourself

4 – Victim Mentalities


Read pages 62-76 of Free at Last (2nd Edition)
–Don’t be a punching bag
–End Victim Thinking

3 – Getting Real


Read pages 50-61 of Free at Last (2nd edition)
–Get Real

False Self
1. What does it mean to “get real” and why is it so important?

2 – Blaming God, Others and the Devil

Read pages 19-49 of Free At Last (2nd Edition) --But It Wasn't Me --The End of Mysticism 1. Name several ways that people blame God for their problems.  What popular theologies are actually 'code' for this? 2. Name ways that we blame others. What responsibility do you have when someone victimizes you? What popular theologies are actually 'code' for this? 3. Name ways what people blame the devil. What popular theologies are actually 'code' for this? 4. Which one of these are you most Read more [...]

1 – Go Narrow

Read pages 1-18 of Free at Last (2nd Edition) --Introduction --Dealing with the Root Cause Introduction 1. How is the Go Narrow teaching going to be different than two major teachings in the body of Christ 2. How long does it take to really change your identity? Go Narrow 1. What is the main cause of suffering? 2. Why is desire important to knowing God? 3. Is there anything that you are not wililng to let go? A doctrine? A relationship? A dream? Read more [...]

Free At Last – Course Overview

The goal of this course is to help you shift the focus of your relationship with God: -- From Doctrine to the Heart -- From Externals to Internals After some time under these teachings, it is not uncommon for people to experience a minor life crisis, because they are dealing with and addressing issues that have been hidden for their entire lives. Do not panic. This is normal. When we do these sessions in real life, people experience spontaneous deliverance from demons and the filling of the Holy Read more [...]