Part XII – The Party System

God's Kingdom advances through a pattern of successive reforms. When a reform is completed, people who were believers in the reform, but who themselves are not reformers, but institutionalists, take over. With time it becomes a "party" system, where those who are in power reinforce their power against those who are not in power, not primarily because of an ideal, but because of the power itself. The "party" system is simple. To be a member of the party you must believe in what the party believes. Read more [...]

Part XI – How the Kingdoms Advance Geopolitically

Although the governments of men are legitimate political actors who influence history by seeking their own self interest, behind all political power is ultimately the war between the Spiritual forces of God and those of the devil. The devil's goal is consolidation of power under one head in order to control and eradicate all of mankind, and God's goal is bring people out of the devil's Kingdom and into relationship with him, which politically means less consolidated power and more in the hands of Read more [...]

Part X – Authority and the Two Kingdoms

Since the rise of the shepherding movement in the 1970's the church has been uniquely aware of spiritual authority. The Shepherds looked over to the Jesus Movement, saw the born again hippies and their anti-authority view of the world, and realized that something was wrong with the picture. The answer was to teach people that you could not be submitted to Jesus if you were not submitted to man. What formed around this teaching then was a heirarchy with members submitted to cell group leaders who Read more [...]

Part IX – Spiritual Power and Healing

We know from Daniel, that one of the most righteous, "prayed up" men on earth at the time had to waith three weeks for an answer due to warfare being waged over delivering the answer to his prayer. This gives us a unique window into what is really going on when we pray. It paints a more complex picture than we normally assume. We assume too quickly that when a prayer is not answered, it's because it was "not God's will." In situations where God's will is ambiguous that may be reasonable to expect, Read more [...]

Part VIII – Haman in Geopolitics

The discussion of Haman is important not because he's the only kind of power player out there, but because he is the primary one that can stop you and hurt others. The people that are just out to save their own necks cannot compete with kind of respect, sacrificial ethic and God-breathed talent you should bring to a situation. Moreover invidual politics with Haman are representative of the way that geopolitics work as well. The devil is always trying to bring "Haman" governments into power. Those Read more [...]

Part VII – Shrewd as Serpents: Dealing with Haman

With this seeming paradox, Jesus gives one of the most important nuggets of wisdom for dealing with the powers of this world. As Christians we find ourselves in a unique place on the political chessboard. We will most certainly be hated more than anyone else by the Haman figure in the organization. If this person gains power, not only will we be in jeopardy, or near slavery, our bosses are in trouble from the ambition of the Haman figure, and so is the entire organization. Yet, we are likely the Read more [...]

Part VI – Principalities and Powers

In the church age, God's kingdom confronts the demonic powers which rule the world. Although Jesus' death and resurrection stripped them of their right to control it, until the church comes into an area and removes them, they rule by default. The natural order of the world has a spiritual order behind it. Moreover the spiritual order has great influence over how the natural order will align. The two are deeply intertwined. The church has recently started to recognize that these so called "principalities" Read more [...]

Part V – Eras of Church History

After the resurrection, the army of God's church begins to advance and incrementally changed the dymanics of the world. We see history unfolding in phases where each phase takes signficant steps toward a beautiful and righteous people which, having come from love for and slavery to evil, vindicates the character of God forever. The fact that they have repeatedly chosen Him over everything that the devil could do to them or offer them, is deeply touching to God, and a people that fulfills this in Read more [...]

Part IV – The Cross and the Kingdom

When Jesus comes, it is more than a book end on a failed age: 4000 years where God used various strategies to get man, especially Israel, to do what he had planned all along. If that were the case, I believe God could have had Jesus go to the cross almost immediately in history. So I view the preceding history, as necessary, not accidental, even if we don't fully understand all of the reasons for it. When Jesus comes it is a direct confrontation of Satan's power. It is also the highest stakes moment Read more [...]

Part III – God Moves the Battle Forward in Ancient History

God’s flooding of the Earth was basically the expected result from the fall of man – man under the devil’s rule becomes more and more evil to the point where God has to wipe him off the face of the planet.However, rather than totally end the war, God chooses to save one man and seemingly start over.Why this way?Perhaps it is because Adam and all of his progeny were born by natural descent, but Noah and his had to in a sense be born by faith.Therefore it’s not just literary flourish when the Read more [...]

Part II – The Beginning of Spiritual Warfare

In the beginning, God created the earth and placed the man on it.When He placed man there, it’s clear from His command to “take dominion” that man was the intended agent in a conflict against the devil. This is further reinforced by the fact that man is made in God’s “image” or literally “idol.” An idol represents a god on earth, and man represents the Living God on earth. Why would God engage in a proxy battle with the devil instead of direct confrontation? I believe it’s because Read more [...]

Part I – Models of Divine Power

There are several "Christian" views of who is in control of the world and history: God is in complete control. Whatever man or the devil want are incidental, because God is the ultimate cause of everything. This view is normally associated with Calvinism, but has seeped through to form the backdrop of most people's understanding. The devil is effectively in control. God set up history, but right now is the devil's era, and Christians just have to hold on for dear life until the end. This Read more [...]

Politics and the Meaning of Life

We are locked in a struggle with evil that operates on the macro level as well as the micro. The very systems in which we live either encourage righteousness and salvation, or they militate against it. They either promote God and therefore human prosperity, or they undermine it. So the struggle for people's lives is manifest in governments, business, and every other kind of institution. The enemy is eager to crowd these fields with his people who will lead us to destruction as fast as they can get Read more [...]