The Office of the Prophet

When I was  younger I remember being taught about the office of the prophet.  Basically the way it came off to me was something like this: Everyone can get a word from God Prophetically gifted people:  have the ability to get more specificity or detail on a regular basis The Prophetic Office.  Someone who has received a special calling over their life to be a prophet permanently.  These people are mostly famous. After a while of seeing people going around calling themselves "prophet," Read more [...]

False Fathers

One of the unique roles of a father in your life is to provide definition, and to guard you from the wolves that want to define you.   When you separate from your father, or when he fails to perform this role, you become susceptible to false fathers.  A false father is someone who gains power over you and takes advantage of you, and then, through this abuse defines who you are.   False fathers can only operate when your real father is not there to guard and define you. This danger is especially Read more [...]

Christian Codependency

God has recently been helping me to find the path to healthy relationships.   I have discovered that I have a tendency to enter into codependent relationships as the helper.   A codependent relationship is one where the love flow is when the bond is based on one person providing assistance and the other person receiving assistance.  In the world, this term is often used to refer to a relationship that involves an addict or an abuser, but what I want to talk about here is the “benevolent” Read more [...]

Why Prophetic People Miss

Some people set a standard for prophetic people that they always be 100% accurate or they should be stoned. What is ironic about this is that the same people who suggest this standard often consider real prophecy and prophets to be people who interpret the Book of Revelation and those people are almost always wrong! Yet you don't hear them saying that these people should be put to death, or are not false prophets because of it. Last year, Godly people who I respect got all worked up about the Read more [...]