Transformations Vidoes

The Transformations series by George Otis, Jr is perhaps one of the most encouraging documentary series made by Christians in recent memory. The two DVDs combine to show what God can do when God's people take action. They are written with a strong emphasis on the power of prayer, but really it's not just prayer alone ... it's about the power of God moving through His people. Trailer above is for Transformations II... The first one is even better. You can get Transformations I and II from The Sentinel Read more [...]

The Enemy God

Another fabulous mission documentary. This is one is not directly about mission work, as much as it the story of a people who are reached by missionaries, and the cultural transformation from revenge to mercy. The power of the real God over the spirits of the dark world. The Yanomamo people are some of the most studied people in the world. Often cultural anthropologists have romanticized their way of life, but now one of the Yanomamo people gets to speak for himself. Another winner. You can get Read more [...]

Mission Documentaries

Voice of the Martyrs has released a couple of very motivating DVDs about missions. Underground Reality Vietnam and Underground Reality Colombia.  On both of these, we watch a small group of young people go into very hostile areas. Perhaps most powerful part of this is the "Reality" these young people encounter. It's been very motivating for our team. We need to have a more radical vision for what kids should be doing. You can get a copy at Read more [...]

In the Face of Evil

Unfortunately the YouTube clip featured here was removed, but click through to the site for In The Face of Evil and you can see the trailer there. The movie provides an excellent overview of 20th century history, which I recommend to younger people who may not remember the cold war. This provides context for our current situation in the world. One of the interesting things about the setup for the movie is that although this is a secular film they use the concept of a "beast" in a way that harmonizes Read more [...]