Church History

The following course is a basic overview of Church History focusing on the advance of the church through the centuries.  The course gives equal treatment to all centuries of church history, which means recent history is not covered in detail.   Through this course you will learn how Activism, politics and cultural change interrelate to shape the future of history.   The serious student will gain insights valuable and relevant to daily Christian.

  •       ChurchHistory_Session1.mp3
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  •       ChurchHistory_Session4.mp3
  •       ChurchHistory_Session5.mp3
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  •       ChurchHistory_Session11.mp3
  •       ChurchHistory_Session12.mp3
  •       ChurchHistory_Session13.mp3
  •       ChurchHistory_Session14.mp3
  •       ChurchHisoty_Session15.mp3

For those more interested in recent history and inspiration, these two bonus lectures on Revival History are available.

  •       RevivalHistory_Part1.mp3
  •       RevivalHistory_PartII.mp3

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