2 – Character


1. What are the marks of pride?

2. Ask someone else close to you if you exhibit pride or humility. Do you have any signs pride in your life?

3. Why is being transparent important?

4. What is the connection between pride and doctrine?

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  1. Some poet once said, “to love is to be vulnerable.” I think humility and transparency is a great opportunity to be vulnerable, yet without it love cannot be sincere. This is definitely something I need to put in practice. I like the remark about how if you are not sincere with others, you are not allowing them to have a relationship with the real you. Instead, they are having relationship with the false image which you are projecting. I got a lot out of this message.

  2. This message really spoke to my heart. When I first became a Christian, I felt like I had to put on this perfect image of what I thought a Christian looked like. I would constantly beat myself up because I thought I wasn’t good enough and I just assumed that when you become born again all of your problems go away. Because of this, it kept me from being transparent and I felt alone. Then one night, I got together with a bunch of believers and we all began to talk about things we were struggling with and then we prayed over one another. After that night, I felt a closeness to each of the people there and we all became like accountability partners. If I ever needed a believer to lean on, I knew I could call any of those people. I suddenly felt this freedom that I had never felt before because I was allowing myself to be transparent and to just be myself. This really taught me the importance of being transparent. Many times, I had to put my pride aside, but in the end it was worth it. I still struggle sometimes with pride and not being transparent, but it is something I am working on. Hearing this message really helped me to think deeper about pride and humility, I was able to get a lot out of it.

  3. I found this message really helpful because it explains in simple words the process of transformation that is needed to grow closer in the Lord. I have seen many christians who love God but never seem to be able to grow closer to Him. They think it is a very complicated process and that they need to do this or another thing to feel closer to God and get stuck in works. In reality is so much simpler. We need to be open to receive, and that requires humility. Being ok with whatever God wants to show us and desperate enough to want to change those issues that He tells us need changing. Transparency is so important because without it there is no openess. The person who has walls all around (I believe pride is rooted in rejection) is not teachable and is only able to see things his/her own way, there is no room for transformation when our heart is in that state.

  4. Great sermon, I got a good meal out of it. What hit home for me is Transparency. It takes humility to be transparent because it takes a humble man to expose his weakness to others. If we’re not transparent with one another we tend to show people the fake side of us… and because of that they don’t get to see the real person. It seems like we’re afraid to show our weakness because we still think it’s about us. We have to practice humility always, lack of humility can be traced back to every failure we have had. God hates the proud and loves the humble.

  5. 1. What are the marks of pride?
    This has to sides of expression. One side is to be self reliance/self sufficiency, consider one’s self above others, a lone ranger, good enough attitude. The other side is fake humility, fake love and fake consideration towards others. Pride keeps us from accepting our flaws, deviates our capability to love. Is the choice to write off our conscious voice to be able to ignore/remove/exclude God and other from the right place in our hearts…it is bad!

    2. Ask someone else close to you if you exhibit pride or humility. Do you have any signs pride in your life?
    Their response was that they have seen humility in me and that if pride shows up, I’m very quick to acknowledge it, repent and go back in track with myself and the people involved, they added that in fact my reaction helps them to acknowledge their own pride too.

    3. Why is being transparent important?
    When we are real and true to ourselves, everything is easier to handle, even adversity. Relationships are real and for the long haul.Support, love, compassion, mercy and grace is expressed naturally and spontaneously to one another. Communication edifies and points out to solutions always. Portrays the work of the Holy Spirit in us and the Holy Spirit manifests through us. It is a very good thing.

    4. What is the connection between pride and doctrine?
    Phariseeism or pharisaism, religiosity, dogmatic. It really doesn’t give any room to develop faith in God.

  6. 1. Lack of Humility,Self Centeredness, no fruit, lack of Growth.

    2. To some degree there is pride in all of us but as we grow in Christ and BE more like him the degree of pride is crushed and humility will surface in all areas.

    3. It is an indicator of Growth and being teachable

    4. Knowledge without growth.
    Always learning never growing or Experiencing life through God.

    1. Chris, Were you able to ask someone else around you about your level of pride/humility? Longer, self-reflective answers are best.

  7. 1. Pride comes from Lucifer and it is the opposite of humility! My mother used to call people with pride “know-it-alls”! A proud person is not teachable. I hate pride in myself, and yet, sometimes I exhibit it and I think of it as a bad odor. Everybody can have a bad odor at different times, and we have to keep it down!!! That’s the way pride is. It comes from our sinful nature. Pride and arrogance go together. Pride is being FULL of Self! We need to empty ourselves of ourselves and let the humility of Christ fill us. That is hard to do in our own strength, but if we hunger for it and cry out to God with a heart of repentance, He is able to help us.

    2. I asked my husband if I was prideful or humble. He said neither…just “misled”! The truth is that I know that at different times I have been prideful and when I recognize it, I am ashamed of it and I usually ask God to forgive me. I have had pride of the fact that I have Italian heritage and have boasted about it over the years quite often. I call it an Italian ego, but it is really pride. Also, I have had pride over my sales ability and if I am truthful, I have to admit the fact that I have had pride about a lot of things in my life. God has been showing me how ugly it really is, and how completely beautiful humility is. I can say that I have had a hunger to grow in humility and I am trusting God to work it in my life. I love humble people.

    3. When we are transparent, we allow God to work in our lives in the area of humility and honesty. i believe that we should be transparent with other believers. We are like diamonds in the raw. When we are transparent, we allow the chisel to chisel away at the diamond until it shines so beautiful. I have not become vulnerable because of transparency, instead I have noticed that God always protects me. It is good to be transparent!

    4. I know that there is a connection between pride and doctrine because I have been very prideful in past years over doctrines that I believed were so correct and years later, realized they were not correct! It was a type of religious spirit that I operate in and when I left that church, God began to deal with me. I came down hard on my family because they did not understand these doctrines the way that I thought they should. I probably pushed them away from the truth, rather than bringing them closer to Jesus. I know that without love, a person is as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. Religious pride is terrible and a stronghold in many people. There is self righteousness connected with it.

  8. 1. You know you have pride when you believe that the problem is something outside of you, and that you cannot possibly be responsible for whatever the (negative) situation is.

    2. I asked my mom, she said this:
    “I heard a great description of humility. It is not thinking less of yourself it is thinking of yourself less.
    I think most of the time you are humble, but there are times when you do get into pride, but less often than you used to.” I do have some signs of pride in my life, there are a number of people with whom I am not transparent with and therefore cannot be humble with. I also have had pride about a number of things, even the fact that sometimes others are transparent with me.

    3. Being transparent is important because no one (including God) can have a real relationship with you if you are not transparent. No one will be able to understand or help you if you do not be honest with them about what you need help with.

    4. Pride corrupts good doctrine; humility searches doctrine for a way to become better.

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