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1. In what ways is being a part of a church like being a part of a team? Name ways that people exhibit non-teaming behavior in church.
2. In what ways could you improve your team behavior in church
3. What is the New Testament basis for tithing?
4. How is corporate worship different than private worship?

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  1. Being a part of the teams means that you align yourself with other people instead of always going solo. It implies you are humble because you must be okay with the fact that your way is not always going to be the way. It’s definitely challenging because leadership is not perfect, and often makes decisions that one could easily disagree with, but has to bite his tongue and submit.

  2. Being part of a church is like being part of a team because both require more than one person, there is no “I” in church or team. Instead, it takes people that have the same goals or interests in mind. Even though everyone on that team or in that church might have different skills or talents, they all must want to go in the same direction. People may exhibit non-teaming behavior in church by always going against the leadership, not being teachable, never getting involved, not putting our money into the church, etc. This message helped me to see the importance of a church being like a team and ways to make that possible. Now about worship, corporate is different than private because we are around others. When we are worshiping corporately, we may do things differently than we would if we were alone. This might be out of respect for others because we might scare them or because it is hard for us to completely let ourselves go like we would during private worship.

  3. Being a part of a team requires unity in the group of people involved. When there is unity people are giving to the cause/purpose and to one another selflessly. Self-seeking destroys unity. When people in the church try to advance their own agendas intead of being supportive of the leadership and the goals of the church they show non-teaming behavior.
    I have been part of different churches as a member and a leader (because I have lived in different states) and I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. From wonderful pastors who love their congregations and train an equip their leaders, to those that were trying to steal congregations from others, control and manipulate the leadership. I have also seen a prayer team praying against their own pastor. I think most of us don’t know how to be part of a church. I found the points in this teaching very valuable. Particularly on how to submit to the leadership. I knew I had to submit but never truly understood what it meant until now.

  4. Being a part a church of like minded people is important to our spiritual walk. Church is a group of Christians who are trying to do the will of God together. This is why it’s so important for us to be with like minded people, so that we can submit under the leadership of that church, and do the will of God together more effectively. It’s also important for us to hear the word and to be able to be corrected, and I feel like the church is a perfect place for that.

  5. 1. In what ways is being a part of a church like being a part of a team?
    My belief is that in the economy of the Kingdom there is not such thing as a “lone-ranger”. When the LORD established His church He did it because is part of who He is, Jesus is a team-mate with the Father and the Spirit and Jesus had also a team while He was on Earth. The message in John and in the book of Acts portrays that His desire is that the saints would be together, with the same vision, in unity, everyone doing their part to make the Body of Christ function and the Kingdom of God expanded on Earth. This implies the understanding that we have to labor this way, teaming up with others to be able to accomplish something inwardly and outwardly, primarily the Great Commission and the ministry of restoration. Of course, this happens if we really are intentional about it and if we do not have a personal agenda because it takes love expressed in the way of meekness and a yielding attitude. There are two verses in the Bible that I keep in front of my eyes and consider them core to be able to meet the requirement of being a team-mate: Philippians 2:3 and Ephesians 5:21

    Name ways that people exhibit non-teaming behavior in church.
    Different vision, a personal agenda, lack of wisdom and prudence, lack of contentment, the person complains but do not bring solutions to the table, judgement to the person, lack of accountability/integrity [not to talk about the situations with the right person], gossip.

    2. In what ways could you improve your team behavior in church
    Thrive to remain in Romans 8. Cultivate and walk in the fruits of the Spirit.

    3. What is the New Testament basis for tithing?
    Hebrews 7:9-10 and Romans 4:12

    4. How is corporate worship different than private worship?
    To come in assembly to worship in the sense of thanksgiving, praise and adoration definitely is different. I’m persuaded by the thought that the LORD’S expectation is that what we do personal and private, somehow find its way to be expressed corporately because the LORD dwells in the worship of His people and when two or more are gather together in His name, He is there. Intentionally or not, our expression of corporate worship makes a statement to God, to the world and to the devil. Even though we try to be wise and prudent not to become an obstacle to others as we express ourselves in worship, this is not the point, worship is meant to be for God only. The LORD is truly looking for the consistency of our message as well as non believers do. Are we pairing what we say with what we do? Does it match? Are we worshiping in spirit and in truth privately and corporately?

    1. Carol Thanks for your comments. Here is some further perspective on corporate worship I think that 1 Cor 14:26-40 is a solid basis for believing that the public expression has a different function in worship just as it does in the rest of life.

      This should not be interpreted to mean that I think we should power down the HS — Paul clearly did not believe in that. I see it as the leadership team ensuring that what goes on in the corporate environment is edifying to the body and brings everyone collectively deeper in with God.

      I think many pastors respond this way to inappropriate behavior. Rather, I think that when we are corporately together, we should be developing an expression of worship which moves in unity — and that means that people have to regulate their own behavior or potentially be regulated by the leadership if they fail to do so. I did not come around to this belief until I was a pastor and saw how it functions in practice. When there is no governance of the worship service, the person with the most ostentatious behavior will dominate the service. And then when you correct them, they will ask you by what authority or principle you do so, and you will have none 🙂

  6. Thanks Will. Totally agree when it comes to tongues, prophecy and other gifts, the instruction is clear and we must do it, otherwise the whole service turns into a “circus”, practically no one is edified and the last person that receives honor and glory is God. Verse 26 in the Corinthians passage that you mentioned enlists the elements of worship starting with “psalm” which we can interpret as hymn or song. The emphasis of my comment refers to worship in the sense of the ‘musical part’ of the service. I guess this is when the cultural factor comes in and the understanding of the word “worship”. I kind of focused in this area of worship due to your remarks in the talk, which are good and I understand your point. This is a very intense place because what it represents, practically we are in priesthood duty, if we can say it this way. Personally, is in this place of worship in assembly where my intercession takes off and where I have seen the Holy Spirit moved releasing His power. Is the meeting place [privately and corporately] where we are touched by His grace, overwhelmed by His love and His holiness. I’m not talking that our expression should be extreme to the point of hindrance and I’m not talking either that we go to the point where we do not engage truly just because of external concerns, and totally agree with you that moves in unity when engaged. We just need to find a way to be consistent if we don’t want to miss what the LORD wants to impart in us [insight, revelation, healing, deliverance, etc.]. One touch of His presence changed Moses, I believe in this with all my heart because it is real to me.

    1. Carol, you have a good point about the presence of God during the corporate worship. There is something very powerful that happens when the entire body is able to move into a deep place together. In fact, in my mind this is perhaps the most true expression of the Kingdom of God on earth, and it is definitely the case that tremendous life changing power can be released in these kinds of contexts. Bringing a whole congregation into that place is definitely an art.

  7. Indeed. Art in its full expression. His presence…what a price was paid and what a privilege we have.

  8. 1. In what ways is being part of a church like being part of a team?
    Since I was never athletic I choose to think of the church like being part of a family. You really are involved with your family. Your doing chores in the house, hopeful that your brother passed his exam today, looking forward to sharing in the dinner that’s being served tonight and unconsciously you really have a genuine love for each member. I am not athletic so it’s hard for me to relate to the team idea, but in a family you have to co-operate with one another…just like a team. In my mind, I think that there is one family of God(church) on this earth and it is the same family of God (church) that will be in heaven.

    2. In what ways would you improve your team behavior in church?
    Having an attitude to “serve.” Be willing to “submit”. Listening to the Holy Spirit as He leads and being obedient to what He is asking.

    3. What is the New Testament basis for tithing?
    After years and years of tithing and reading the book Pagan Christianity and researching the topic, I have come to the conclusion that the goal is an attitude! The New Testament teaches giving with liberality and sharing, that is, it’s goal is a generosity of the heart rather than a paying of the tax. Giving is the natural outcome and evidence of loving. 1John 3:16-18. Sometimes Christians look for one rule that we all have to live by, such as giving a tenth…perhaps God is asking for 20 percent or 100%!! We should be in the will of God at all times and have a personal relationship with Him. Personally, I love to be led of the Lord in all my giving.

    4. How is corporate worship different than private worship?
    At a prayer/worship meeting that I attended at my previous church, there was a lady that clapped soooo loud it bothered me and my ears. Her clapping was non stop the entire two hours. I complained about it and was rebuked with the scriptures that told about King David dancing and Michelle his wife was not appreciating it. I do not like loud clapping non stop right in my ear. I thought it was inconsiderate in corporate prayer/worship. I agree totally with your teaching on the subject.l

  9. 1. In what ways is being a part of a church like being a part of a team? Name ways that people exhibit non-teaming behavior in church.
    Being part of a church is like being part of a team in that when you are a member of the church, if your actions do not contribute to the efforts of the team, you are like the football player who kicks his teammates in the knee hard enough to incapacitate them. You hinder the efforts of other Christians and even do the enemy’s work for him when you fail to adhere to the strategies of whatever church you choose to join.
    This also means that you must shift your perspective to have not only the same goals but also an understanding of the methods used by whatever church you are a part of.
    2. In what ways could you improve your team behavior in church
    I could improve my team behavior in church by ensuring that I do not distract anyone when I move around and dance during worship, and paying more attention to the specific goals of that church, not solely those of the Church in general.
    3. What is the New Testament basis for tithing?
    The one guy went to Jesus and was like “I’m a good person so I’m going to Heaven, right?” and Jesus was like “Well, where are you putting your resources? Are you contributing to heaven-minded groups in such a way that it’s obvious that you know being well-off the life after this one is way more important than this life?”
    4. How is corporate worship different than private worship?
    Corporate worship is different from private worship in that during corporate worship, consideration must be made so that every member of the group has equal opportunity to participate. If you privately worship by banging cymbals together at a constantly changing tempo, you will have to adjust your worship style when you worship with others so that they are not prevented from engaging in the worship.

    1. Selah– Great to have you back. My only comment here is about tithing. Paul makes the argument that we know we are saved because Abraham gave a tenth to melchizedek. This is a a strong reason to believe we continue to give a tenth to God

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