4 – The Mission of God


1. What is God’s mission?
2. What is the sign of the end of the world? What things are not signs, that people often look for?
3. Is persecution good for the church? Should we allow ourselves to be persecuted?
4. Name the major areas of life where Christians must engage. Give a brief explanation of why each is important.

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  1. God’s mission is for us to go and do something to bring people to Him. This message made me think deeper about this subject than I ever have. In the past, I thought that bringing people to Him meant I needed to go tell them about Jesus. I had never really thought about how it is so much deeper than that. Although, we need to tell people about Jesus, there are other things we can do. I liked how this was put, “The Kingdom is bigger than just souls.” There are five battle fronts where we must engage as Christians. (1) The lost- We must bring people into the Kingdom. (2) Individuals- Once someone is saved they still need help. We have to help them to free themselves from what holds them back from God. (3) The church- It needs to continue to grow and change in order to stay in the fight. (4) Family- We have to pass faith to the next generation. (5) Culture- We have to fight back against our culture. It is our job to change the culture and to not accept how it says we should live. I think as Christians, we have to power to stop persecution. We need to be bold and fight for what we believe in.

  2. Christianity doesn’t stop at accepting Christ into our hearts. It is God’s mission for us to GO and to do His will for His Kingdom. It is our responsibility to go into the world and tell people about Christ and what he has done. The whole reason why we are Christians is because someone decided to GO. God’s mission is our mission. Our mission is to tell the world about God’s Kingdom. His Kingdom is not just about saving souls and getting ourselves to heaven, but it’s also about caring for the needy and changing our culture. I feel like effecting the culture is something we aren’t doing well at. I was always against for Christians getting involved in governments and etc. But now I see the need for that. If we won’t take control of that area… someone else will.

  3. We all have a responsibility to share the gospel to all those we come in contact with. God really pressed this message in my heart after I got saved in Texas and I came back to Wisconsin only to find out that that there were at least three people that I had worked with for three years who were close friends who were christians, yet none of them shared the gospel with me once. I felt so upset for a while that I decided that I was not going to be like that and my prayer has been that everyone I come in contact with will know whom I serve.
    One of the key things for me that I think is so important is not only to share the gospel but also to help people get set free of the bondage of sin they are in and healed as it is stated in Isaiah 61. It seems that more and more the culture is dictating what christians believe or what is acceptable and it needs to be the other way around. We need to stand on what we believe and change the culture.

  4. I have come to the knowledge of God because my parents have been obeyed God and have shared with me about his salvation. Likewise, I must continue in the same manner in these last days. We live in the last days not because any day now the world will end, although that’s true, but we live in the last days because God has already revealed to humanity the mystery of his salvation: Christ in us the hope of glory. Now, as the redeemed remnant, we need to obey his command and GO into the world and make disciples for him. He said he will not return until we do that. So, in a way, we are the only ones holding back his triumphant return. As believers, we need to engage our culture with the truth of the gospel. We need not put a basket over our heads. We ought to be the light of this world, if indeed the Light dwells in us. We ought to engage every part of our society. It is vital that we shine our light in politics, education, labor, entertainment, and etc. Anywhere there is darkness, we ought to invade it with light.

  5. 1. What is God’s mission?
    I like how The Message Bible translates John 17:18…Jesus said “In the same way that you gave me a mission in the world, I give them a mission in the world.” We have received from Jesus Christ the Great Co-mission of Matthew 28:18-20 and we need to accomplish it. The details of our mission are found in Luke 4:18-19 and Luke 19:10. He already did His part paving the way for us, also He has sent His Holy Spirit to help us so we can get the job done. Now, as Jesus Christ makes intercession for us and prepares our habitation in heaven, He is waiting that we accomplish our part so He can comeback.
    2. What is the sign of the end of the world?
    Matthew 24:14
    What things are not signs, that people often look for?
    Wars, famines and earthquakes.
    3. Is persecution good for the church? No, because the Great Co-mission is not accomplished.
    Should we allow ourselves to be persecuted? No
    4. Name the major areas of life where Christians must engage.
    Culture, the lost, the individual, the church, the family
    Give a brief explanation of why each is important.
    Culture: The saints have to engage it and shape it to create the right environment where the lost can be reached.
    Lost: The saints reach out to the lost to bring them from the kingdom or darkness to the Kingdom of Light.
    Person: Once in the Kingdom, the individual is renewed and transformed.
    Church: Needs to keep optimizing to be able to keep going advancing the work of the Kingdom.
    Family: Pass the baton of godly faithfulness to the children.

  6. 1. What is God’s mission?
    Gods mission is for everyone to hear the Gospel and He commissions us in Matthew 28:18 to go forth and spread the gospel. When we become Christians, God expects us to obey the Word of God. We want to give to others what God has given to us.
    2. What is the sign of the end of the world?
    When the Gospel is proclaimed to all the nations, then the end will come. That is the measuring rod.
    3. Is persecution good for the church. No, but the church has experienced plenty of it down the ages! We will be persecuted for His sake at different times in our Christian walk. God may allow it. We should continue to trust Him. Read Tortured for Christ. It may just happen beyond our control. We have to trust God about all things.
    4.Lost: We must bring people into the kingdom by spreading the gospel and telling them how to be born again.
    Individual: After people are saved, they may have a host of problems, such as bondages, sin, unsanctified natures etc.

  7. (sorry, FireFox crashed)
    We must fight for the individual to grow spiritually as they come out of the world and into the Kingdom.
    Church: The Church is constantly growing and changing. We must be engaged in that in order to advance the kingdom.
    Family: We have to pass the faith down the next generation period. We must make sure our children hear the gospel.
    Culture: Mathew 5:13 We are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. A christian gives light and preserves things. We influence the culture. We are the only thing that brings goodness into the world. Goodness has a big effect on culture.

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