Men – No More Apologies


1. What is good about being a man? What are the things that God has designed men specially to do?
2. Describe a healthy relationship between a husband and wife. When men do not act like men, how does this impact women and children?
3. Are you secure in your manhood?

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  1. The head of every man is Christ. I think Will is correct when he said that a lot of men have made women their head. They hit the gym for women, they change their behavior for women, and on and on it goes. Women have become the number one influence of men. Yet, that is a role that no woman can fill, only Christ can be the head. We were made after the image of God.The entire Christian walk is about growing up into Christ in all things. Jesus said that if anyone were to follow him, he must pick up his cross and follow him. Christ leads us, so we ought to also lead others. Christ fulfilled all righteousness, even unto death. Likewise, we ought to follow in his footsteps. When men don’t step up to the plate, women fill in. Because of this disharmony, families are turned upside down. Statistically, a lot of young blacks in America tend to live a life a crime because many of them were raised by a single mom. In a day and age where children are raised by same-sex couples, having the correct understanding of identity is vital.

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