9 – Repentance Workshop


Read pages 138-149 Free at Last (2nd Edition)
–Bring it to God

Do each of the exercises explained in the book:

  • Surfacing Exercise
    • Visualization: Imagine the moment of temptation.
    • Heart Ping: Bounce the truth off your heart and see what comes back.
  • Sobriety Exercise
    • Compare what you like about sin to the consequences of sin.
  • False Belief Exercise
    • Build up the case for your false belief. Explain all the reasons why you believe it.
    • Now refute your own argument.
  • Heart Cleansing Exercises
    • Two Hand Technique: Imagine God’s presence in one hand and the pull of sin in the other hand. Turn from sin to God.
    • Revisualizing: Imagine yourself in temptation but doing the right thing.  Turn from sin to God.  (This can also apply to dreams.)
    • Absolute Revisualization: Imagine absolute freedom.
  • Iceberg Exercise
    • Put your sin at the tip of the iceberg.  Identify deeper sins supporting it.

Explain in the post below the results from one or more of the exercises above.

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