Kingdom Change trains Christians to become radical world changers. We will take those who are willing on a journey from being ineffective to becoming a weapon in the hands of God. If you graduate, you will be a radical supernatural Christian activist, feared by Satan.

We invite people who are ready to commit to overhauling their lives to be effective for God to join the School. If you believe this is you, please review the overview pages and then use the tools in the right to create an account and sign in. We will then contact you and grant you access to the first course.


This course is designed to put you on the right path for everything else we do, and will help you establish a solid footing in the Christian life.

Go Narrow

This course builds on the Foundations course. The goal of these two courses is to help you shift the focus of your relationship with God.  This is a companion to our book Free at Last

Go Ignite

See God’s perspective on what it will take to bring revival to our land.   Learn God’s comprehensive strategy that will bring our natoin back toward God and get activated to take part in it.    Go Ignite will equip you to change the future!

Go Truth

This course decodes contemporary cultural and political issues from a Biblical perspective.  You can’t change the world if you are still partnering with it.

Church History

This is a complete survey of Church History with a focus on the lessons we can learn from 20 centuries of the advance of God’s mission.   This course is a unique perspective you will not find elsewhere.

End Times

Ever wondered about the end times, and what it has to do with what you are supposed to be doing now? Unlock the mysteries

Intro to The Bible

This course provides a basic overview of the Bible, and gives some key principles of Biblical Interpretation.  Makes a good companion to our book Introducing the Bible

Basics of Money

A Short Course on how to use and spend money.  This very basic course is especially appropriate for those who have not had a positive financial history.

Unlocking the Heart

Learn the secrets of pastoral care and coaching people to growth.