Why Kingdom Change?

If you watch the news a lot, you might want to hide in a bunker. I remember when, as a young Christian, I first became aware that our society was headed in a bad direction. A good friend and I concluded that this was part of our lot as Christians approaching the end. Although we as Christians could expect good things from God, for society itself, things would get worse and worse. This led me to focus on being a good Christian, and a good witness in the midst of a decaying generation.

I have have gotten older, I have become more acutely aware of how rapidly things are declining in America, but at the same time how amazingly Christianity is advancing all over most of the rest of the world. And then I learned more about history, I started to see how Christianity has affected dramatic changes to society, and is actually advancing with each passing century. Eventually this led me to the conclusion that the not only is the decline of American culture not inevitable, but that we are supposed to do something about it.

It’s amazing, however, how hard it was to come to that conclusion. I mean it took literally years of study, action, and training. I was unconsciously deeply conditioned by mainstream American Christianity to think is only about spiritual things, like being a good person, telling people about Jesus, and reading my Bible. Anything having too much to do with this world was distinctly unspiritual and a distraction from the Great Commission.

Now, I see that the decline of American culture is the failure of the Great Commission. Instead of “making disciples of all nations” we are letting the nation disciple us. Individuals keep getting saved, but each year it is fewer and fewer, and as a whole we become more and more like the world. In the words of one author, we are “Slouching Toward Gomorrah.” Make no mistake, our failure to disciple our culture is the reason why so many of our children are on the road to hell.

The question then becomes, what if anything can we do about it? A large part of the Spirit-filled movement would say prayer is the answer. My problem with that is that we have had a massive revival of prayer in America in my life time, but things are only getting worse. Prayer is certainly important, but it can’t be the main thing. What we see in Jesus’ life is action supported by prayer. This has led to a contemporary revival of miracles on the street. When I was growing up, miracles were so rare, that most Christians believed they only happened in Africa.  Now I can watch friends on my Facebook doing them on the street. While this activity looks a lot more like the New Testament, it’s also not having any significant effect on the direction of our nation.

If you want to win a war, you have to go where the fighting is. And that is in the power centers of culture.  The people who make decisions on your local school board, are making decisions which will affect the eternal destiny of many souls. The legislatures set policies that affect how we all live. The news tells us what to believe. The  professors who teach our children at the university. We must pray. We must be supernatural, but we must pray and be supernatural where the fight for our nation is actually occurring.

After spending a couple of years doing direct ministry with men whose lives were broken by addiction, violence, and homelessness, my close ministry partner said to me “I am tried of dealing with casualties of the war, let’s go fight the war.” That’s what Kingdom Change is about.  We are about motivating, training, and equipping Christians to do the things that will actually change America.

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