The Prevailing Heart

Anyone who has spent time with God knows there is so much more in store for us than we currently experience. We all want to move forward in our relationship capacity for God and others, and yet there seems to be times that we feel like we are at a dead end. One reason we feel this way is we don’t see the possibilities because we have already crossed out options in the subconscious. I’m trying to use nice words and give a deeper understanding to what we call excuses. “I can’t do this because of ‘x’.” or ” If only my life was arranged like ‘x’, things would change and I could grow more in God.” It became clear to me as I was talking with one of my co-workers, who I have watched as God moved in amazing ways in his life. He has been feeling like God wanted him to move more in the healing realms, but every time an opportunity came up there was all these reasons/excuses why he couldn’t move forward.

Let me share with you the story he told me. Brian was going to the grocery store before work. When he got to the checkout he noticed as the cashier was bending over from pain in her back. Then Brian said he heard Holy Spirit say, “Pray for her”. The next voice we all hear is the limitations we have already put in place. In Brian’s case he heard,” You don’t have time you need to get to work and you are already running late.” The following was,” You can’t pray for a woman; you need your wife here.” So he dismissed the opportunity to grow and see something cool because, hey, he didn’t have the right circumstances. He went to pay and realized that he forgot his credit card (I can just imagine Holy Spirit say, “You wanted time you got it!” The story gets better because now he had to call his wife to come and bring the card (time provided and now his wife lol). His wife gets there and Brian says, “We need to pray for this woman,” which was a huge step in their relationship in God. They end up praying for her, God’s glory shows up and she gets healed!

My point is our excuses are not hidden from God. He knows they are there and He is willing to remove them because He wants you to live in the Kingdom. If you know Brian, you know he has made a decision for God in a deep way. I have watched him bust through theology, oppression and fear. He is hungrier than his theology or his weakness, and because of that God takes him where his mind can’t follow. I want you all to understand the dead ends you experience are not a surprise to God. The big question is, IF the obstacles were really removed, would you press ahead? God is willing to take away the excuses, but you must really want what you think you want. Brian’s heart was already living on the other side of the excuses, so it was a joy to God to help him get there. My challenge to you is to start living beyond the excuses and watch God break into your reality!

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