What The Devil Says

We continue to wade deeper into the waters of demonic deliverance. And I certainly don’t have “the answers” as it comes to this topic, but I learn more and more all the time. Talking to other people about how their bondage works has definitely been eye opening about how to get more freedom myself, and even others who are “healthy.”

Jesus says that “my sheep hear my voice.” This is a great promise, but the problem is that we also hear the devil’s voice, and we have to learn to totally reject and disfellowship from it. How do we do that? A lot has been written in Charismatic movement about hearing God’s voice, but none of that stuff has really worked for me.  I think it is because I need to do more “eviction” of the devil.

Of course the devil has basic tricks like making good things seem evil, and evil seem good. He “speaks” by giving you negative emotions about Godly things and euphoric emotions about sin. This feeling is followed by him giving you a script like “I really want that.” So you will come into agreement with him and he’ll have power. These feeling have power because you believe the lies. When you see a pretty girl and you have all of these emotions and you want to act on it, that’s because you are letting the devil play his script in your head. The devil always lies about the consequences. He likes you to think that there are no negative consequences of your action, but of course that’s dead wrong.

While those things are tricky, they are more obvious because we know they are obviously wrong. The hard ones really are the “religious lies” like the ones that Jesus had to face in the wilderness. Most demons are very well versed in the religious. I had a friend the other day start praying for a guy on the phone who didn’t believe in demons. That was until my friend started casting one out of him and he was screaming and choking on the phone. The devil loves the theology that he doesn’t exist.

The first thing you need to know about the devil’s voice is that it is demanding and ‘loud’. The devil is glad to talk all the time. He wants to talk about everything because anything you listen to will lead you into bondage. God by contrast is not loud and demanding. One of the keys to knowing God’s voice is that there is grace released when you hear it. You hear the word and there is something within you desiring to do it.  Now there is often conflict between your flesh and carrying out God’s will, but one of the signs of God speaking is this sense of “yes” and being carried along in that direction. God’s voice is speaking “in” you as much as he speaks “to” you – after all Christ and the Holy Spirit are living inside of you. We know someone whose constantly chattering demon says “ask God to speak to you like this.” I believe that is taunt because God doesn’t speak like that. God doesn’t speak with lots of constant “conversational” do’s and don’ts.

This leads to my second observation about the devil’s voice. He loves to “pile it on.” Whatever you are doing is not enough. He loves to find something he knows you won’t do and then condemn you for it. “Sell all you have and give it to the poor” and then when you don’t do it, you feel guilty. It’s not God. If God wants you to sell all, it won’t feel like that. If God wants you to do it, you’ll have a deep desire to do it, even if it is a struggle. There is no condemnation in Christ, but the devil’s goal is to find something to condemn you for. This is because if you are condemned you are in works, and that means he’s in control. Basically you have to know that you are forgiven and free whether or not you pray, read your Bible, or anything else. If I worship God tonight, that’s great for me, and great for God, but it has nothing to do with my “rightness” with God.  No “rules” can add or subtract from that because Jesus paid it all. And if I sin, I repent and am forgiven. God takes it off, he doesn’t pile it on.

John G. Lake once said that “hell is distraction” and that is the next observation about the devil: he is distraction. He has all kinds of things you need to do and worry about all the time. Basically anything to keep you from dealing with your real self, and getting in contact with God. You’ll know this when you get down to pray and you become worried about all kinds of random things. That’s the devil. God is when you get to that place of layer after layer of focus, to the point where you are “lost in the Spirit” and you don’t even know you’re in the room. You’re caught up in focus on God. You are carried there by His presence in you which is calling out to His presence in heaven.

And of course we must remember that the devil used Scripture in the temptation of Jesus. Even if the devil says something that is “true” — such as a Scripture verse — it’s still really a lie designed to bring death. It’s a lie because of context, and a lie because of intent. You know it’s a lie because of where it came from. The devil can only lie and only destroy. We have to proactively evict the devil’s voice from each of our lives. We have to evict the voice of guilt and condemnation. We have to evict the voice that demands we do this and that and this. Kick it out, and listen to God’s voice of perfect love coming from the Holy Spirit within you.

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  1. thank you. my voice is the most manipulating evil little creep. he is just the worst. i used to think it was god as he said he was. he played many things, GOD SATIN DEVIL DEMON LUCIFER and more. i believed they were all different and now i am my head is messed up. i am a final year UNI student and i graduate in 3 days i cant have this. its is pure evil and until i read your page i though he was bad, mean, manipulating but now i see his manipulation in the real light.

    thank you

    i will strive to ignore, that’s really all i can do even the church cant get rid of it.

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