Debt and Finances

One of the results of addiction is that your view of money and ability to handle it is often ruined. In addition, people who are in poverty situations often have very different views of money than those in the middle class. This is a huge challenge to unravel, but one that must be done if the person hopes to climb out. There are a lot of principles that responsibleĀ  people operate by that are non-obvious to others. For example, the principle of saving as much as you can on every single purchase, and only purchasing things you need. Others may just use whatever money they have to buy something to make their life feel better. For example, cell phones. When a responsible person gets strapped for cash, they will often dump their cell phone to save money. Someone with bad financial skills might forgo food before a cell phone. That’s just one example.


So good resources are needed to help people. The Total Money Makeover and “Financial Peace Revisited” by Dave Ramsey are actually really good resources in this department. What is so good about them is not that they teach advanced strategies, but that they teach basics in a way that can really be grasped. All of the testimonies in Total Money Makeover and it’s push to get you out of debt are very effective motivators toward doing the right thing with your money.

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