“I’m Not Sure About Tongues.”

Maybe you are open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit but you are not sure about tongues. Either you believe they are over emphasized or they are not for you. If that is you, then you I recommend you read “They Speak with Other Tongues” by John Sherrill. He  was a secular and skeptical journalist who was sent to investigate the “tongues” phenomenon. The results of his investigation were not only shocking to him, but his book has ministered to millions of people for whom tongues and the supernatural were foreign.

We recently had one of our members who felt like tongues were real but his family was saying it wasn’t good. On the one hand he felt skeptical, on the other hand he felt like there was power in it that he needed to overcome the flesh. We gave him this book, and it really helped him to work through his concerns. By the time I saw him next, he was ready to go for it. It seems that doubts about tongues are a big stumbling block for people, and that this book helps work through them, so that they can receive them, and the power that goes with them. I highly recommend They Speak with Other Tongues as a primer for any pastor trying to help people get filled, as well as people who are searching.

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