Knowing God

Knowing God is a lifelong task. There is no one silver bullet that will suddenly cause you to know Him deeply. Ultimately the biggest part of knowing God has nothing to do with knowledge and everything to do with character and our response to Him. The more we humble ourselves the more we will experience his closeness. The more we pursue encounters with Him, the more we will experience Him on a tangible level. The spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, and worship help this to happen. This cultivates a heart that makes reading the Bible very profitable and enjoyable too. People often have misconceptions of God, though and so having a right view of Him can really help speed the process along. A.W. Tozer has written two books on the attributes of God that we recommend. Knowledge of the Holy and the longer version Attributes of God.

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  1. Will,
    what do you think about ‘celebration of discipline’ in this area.
    i have it, but have not read it.
    i would like something that would help individuals to understand and put in practice the spiritual disciplines. thanks.

  2. Jerry, To be perfectly honest, I have his book but haven’t read it either šŸ™‚ Perhaps it is because as Spirit Filled believers we emphasize the indwelling experiential power of the Holy Spirit to perfect us rather than the power of discipline. If I were to teach on the disciplines, I would most likely choose books from a Charismatic perspective on each of the topics. However, I do not consider myself an expert in this area.

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