Pride and Humility

Pride is one of the most difficult issues for us to deal with, because it is very deceptive. In fact, someone with a major pride problem is less likely to realize they have it than someone who has a small problem. It can even go under cover masking itself as humility. Contrary to popular belief, not all pride manifests itself as arrogance. Pride is our need to look good for others. The more concerned you are about what others think about you, the more pride you have. Therefore, someone who thinks very little of themselves can actually have pride. Humility is when we both admit our faults, and stop trying to fix them to look good and be acceptable for others.


A good quick self test of pride then is how bad do you feel about letting others see your weaknesses? Although even this is not a fool proof test, it is a good one that might help you discover where you are. Another one is, are you afraid to be wrong, or afraid of looking like you don’t know something? I’m sure there are others, but for those with pride I have seen two books really help. Holiness, Truth, and the Presence of God by Francis Frangipane, and Humility and Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray. I recommend one of these as a basic part of discipleship and training.

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