Part XI – How the Kingdoms Advance Geopolitically

Although the governments of men are legitimate political actors who influence history by seeking their own self interest, behind all political power is ultimately the war between the Spiritual forces of God and those of the devil. The devil’s goal is consolidation of power under one head in order to control and eradicate all of mankind, and God’s goal is bring people out of the devil’s Kingdom and into relationship with him, which politically means less consolidated power and more in the hands of the righteous in order to protect God’s goals.

There are many different factions on the planet which are pursuing the devil’s goal. In fact it is pretty natural for man to desire this kind of power and desire to push out other rivals. It is a complex game of brinksmanship. Although history itself is teleological (directed) the role that a specific political actor plays at a given time may shift. The direction of history is seen only from a distance as the net direction emerges.

The devil wants to use evil governments to set up increasingly evil governments. This is the phenomenon I call “twice the son of the devil.” It is a spiritual principle that Jesus lays out in Matthew 23:15. It is an extension of the phenomenon we observed with the Haman behavior. Haman is a ruthless man who deceives and kills (literally or figuratively) in order to take power. Haman is not the end goal however. As evil as he is, those who are discipled by his regime are even more evil. This is because they have no exposure to good like Haman did in his early days. They only have exposure to evil, and evil being done to them. Therefore, eventually Haman himself will be destroyed by a man more wicked than himself. For example, Stalin was more wicked that Lenin, although Lenin himself was quite evil. I believe that Satan’s goal is to set up a succession of Hamans in order to usher in the Antichrist.

On the other hand whenever one of these Haman figures is defeated, God’s Kingdom will experience a great advance, just as Mordecai and the Jews did at that time. When the US defeated Hitler and later the Soviet Union, what seemed to be the most dire possible future suddenly became a future much brighter than had been imagined. As US political power provided greater shade for the Gospel, the Gospel experienced major advances after each of these two victories. The political power, however, was only a manifestation of the greater Spiritual power after removal of Haman and his empire.

You cannot use the devil’s methods to defeat the devil. Lies and Murder will only give his kingdom more power even if the people who you take out are evil. God’s Kingdom advances through the principle of resurrection. When God raises up a seed, the devil and his Kingdom do everything they possibly can to kill it. If the devil is unable to kill the seed, the seed will come back and do more damage than it did the first time. So while the devil’s kingdom advances through spiritual and physical killing, God’s Kingdom advances by the principle of resurrection. If you play by God’s rules, the devil’s attempts to stop you will fail, and you’ll own the board at the end of the day. The evils you do, however, will reap a harvest in the end. If the devil can make you compromise, he can stop or kill you, but if you don’t compromise, his attempts to kill you will make you more damaging to his kingdom. Therefore more the devil “raises the stakes” the more a victory will accomplish for God’s Kingdom, or a defeat will cost it.

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  1. Cough the US defeated Hitler…. i think you might find we (British) had a hand in that as well as well as the :-

    South Africans
    Free French
    New Zealanders

    And of course the Russians who really destroyed the Nazi war machine.

    It is also interesting that the Church in mainland Europe has really struggled since the end of WWII rather than be liberated it has shrunk and grown weak.

    The church in Russian has not grown since the fall of the soviet regime it has stagnated and in some ways has lost its edge. It is freer to worship but its zeal has been lost.

    The most vibrant churches in the world at the moment are the Chinese and Indian churches. Both of which are operating under the worst possible persecution.

    Maybe ‘liberation’ is not the way forward.

    I agree that God uses political and imperial powers to spread his Gospel, after all that are what parts of Daniel are about. This can also be seen in the British Empire of the 1700 and 1800’s when missionaries went around the globe.

  2. Beatthedrum, thanks for that comment. I agree, to be fair, you have to talk about all three of the major powers which played a significant and unique role in winning thw war. No slight to the rest of the commonwealth and others who fought, but it was the three major powers who were responsible for defeating Hitler. I have a post on my other blog which talks a little bit about the Russians in particular

    Moreover, Churchill was unquestionably the hero of the war, and the only one who saw it with real moral clarity. And if I were to expand the post, I would definitely want to talk about the role of the British in the 19th century which you alude to. As politically incorrect as it is to talk about, the British empire was a crucial foundation for gospel advance.

    I actually think that the fall of the Iron Curtain has opened doors for Protestant faith in Eastern Europe that had never been opened before. I think sometimes government by the wicked causes people to be ready for the Gospel in a way that freedom does not. Russia itself may have some different dynamics, and I’m not closely involved, so I’ll defer on that, but I do know that an army of missionaries rushed in when the doors opened.

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