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Prophets That I Know About

Will Riddle 21 minutes to read

The prophetic movement began in 1948 with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. A group of Pentecostal Bible students from the Sharon Orphanage and Schools began fasting after some of their leaders had driven to Vancouver to see William Branham in person. Branham's gift was so amazing that they began to seek God to see similar results. Several weeks into the fast, there was an powerful outpouring of personal prophecy, and several other things. These events became the foundation of the modern prophetic movement.

The second major launch of the prophetic was in the late 80's and early 90's when the Kansas City Prophets burst onto the world stage through the alignment of Mike Bickle's church with the global Vineyard movement. There were a number of extremely gifted prophets there, especially Bob Jones and Paul Cain, who brought the prophetic into the mainstream of the Charismatic movement.

There are many many prophets in the Body of Christ, although there is only a small number of people with significant public ministry at any given time. In non-Western cultures, away from our view, there are also many prophets who are very good but also unknown. Therefore it's impossible to list them all, nor would we want to. However, a few years ago I created this list based on who I knew at the time, partly because most of what is on the web about prophets is full of lies and disinformation.  One of the thing that I've learned in more recent years is that the Latter Rain circles which are still around today are many prophetic people almost completely unknown to the rest of the world.   You almost have to be invited by God to even know who these people are.   This list does not include many people who are obviously quite prophetic but primarily known for other gifts, such as Todd Bentley, Todd White, Randy Clark, Heidi Baker, Jack Deere, Dan Bohi, etc.

Also, if you came to this page because you are looking to grow in the prophetic, or need a resource you can use with your church or ministry to expand Spirit-filled ministry in a healthy way, my wife and I have created the book School of the Spirit  This book is ideal for use with small groups and designed to promote a healthy culture of Spirit-filled ministry in church settings, but is also great for personal foundations.






I have not had any recent contact with this group, however, when I was connected about 10 years ago, it was heavily influenced by the Shepherding Movement, and as such had controlling theology which was damaging to many people.  I do not know the current status or mindset of the group.  However, if you are connected, you should study the Shepherding movement to evaluate whether you should continue to be associated.  That being said, they had professional prophets who gave great personal prophetic words.


Latter Rain Prophets

African American Prophets

Lou Engle Prophets

Young prophetic people were drawn to Lou Engle and his platform gave them prominence.


Things to Understand About Prophecy

Will Riddle6 minutes to read

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Apostolic Movements

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The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is a term that was used by Peter Wagner to describe current trends in church movements, particularly with regard to a "five-fold" ministry and church polity. These NAR movements are supposed to be led through relationships instead of structures, and generally follow the Ephesians 4:10 …

Most Influential Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches in America

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Loren Sandford died a few years ago.

Glenn Yates

I have been prophesied over by a few of the people on the list, and have heard the prophesies of many more. One prophet I would mention, who actually only rarely prophesies any longer and has a totally different ministry now is a guy named Clay McClean. I have heard probably hundreds of his words over the years and been prophesied over by him several times. The first time I went up to him just for prayer because I had such a fear of backsliding that it had me almost paralyzed with anxiety. I was miserable. He took my hands and I didn't even know he was going to prophesy but he did. Almost the first words out of his mouth were, "don't worry about backsliding, you're going to overcome." Since then I heard him give many words over many people and always incredibly accurate and often very precise. I am impressed with your list, although quite a few I don't know, but Clay is one you might want to see if you can find out anything about. Chuck Flynn, as an aside, had an incredibly specific word of knowledge for me about 2 weeks after I got saved. Part of it was that from that which happened to me two weeks ago God is going to ....etc. I didn't know what I had gotten myself into . By the way, that word from Clay was about 40 years ago and I'm still hanging in there. :)

Larry Ranaletta

I was prayed for by the presbertery in 1988 and all 3 guys - Eldon Wilson, John Benidetti and Carl Alexander were very accurate. There was tremendous blessing & promise but more than that. As I look back now, I've experienced exactly what was spoken to me, hardshiip & testing because I did not submit my plans to HIM. But as major healing from fear of abandonment came in the last 10 years of my life through prayer & fasting, I learned & was able to surrender my plans & I'm now living in my promised land w/ eventually heaven as my home. My 3rd wife is from HIM, and we celebrated our 1st anniversary yesterday. I've joked how it took Moses 40 years but it took me 35 to learn to surrender and what I know is our DAD will develop HIS heart in you as you stay the course and as we mature in HIM, HE pours out to us more blessings, gifting & anointing so we could reflect HIS heart & love to all we come in contact with. My current Pastor is now friends w/ David Ireland and to experience the power of our God through Prophets & the prophetic word is truly exciting and a wonderful blessing. And as Eldon Wilson mentions in a fairly recent teaching, a prophetic word is direction for our lives but if we don't go the way HE wants us to, sad but that word may never be fulfilled and come to pass in our lives. We need to do our part - draw close to HIM throughout your life, no matter what comes your way

Neal Wright

I contend that we have the Bible, the perfect word of God and it's sufficient for our salvation, growth, sanctification and trying to add to it with extra-Biblical words from God are not only a waste of time but can be dangerous. I spent 15 years following charismatic leaders, prophets and shepherds and never once saw anyone who got a lot of specific prophecies right or didn't have a lot of wrong prophecies. The general words from God given to so many of us over the years that are akin to the newspaper horoscopes or fortune cookies with their ambiguity and non specific details were abundant. The more specific words that were spoken to my family never came to pass. The reverence for men that act like they are speaking for God is idolatry. They are con artists who are good at fooling people. We need solid Bible teachers not men or women who say they see things beyond what the Bible has to offer. I know I wasted a big chunk of my life seeking extra-Biblical revelation and it still has a crippling effect on my life even after being out of it for 25 or more years. It has also crippled the Church because I see many, even in our little country SBC church trying to hear God's voice and even tell others what God has "spoken to them" when they desperately need to be searching the scriptures for growth and sanctification.

Will Riddle

Neal, thank you for your comment. I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience. It's parallel to mine, but in the opposite direction... having been raised among those who did not believe in God speaking, I was extremely dry and distant from God. Like you, this has taken many many years of detox to feel "normal" Yet, I know those who were raised in hyper-prophetic environments often crave the stability that comes from basic preaching of the word. I do want to say that real prophecies do exist. They just must be handled properly. I was just listening the other day to a word given to me 20 years ago, which could not have been predicted because it didn't even make sense to me at the time, yet is coming to pass in this phase of my life.


Hi, thanks for listing this. I’m a Prophet but like a lot of biblical prophets who had jobs, I am not called to full time church ministry. I don’t know most of these people personally, nor can I vouch for their authenticity, but your list seems to be missing a lot of women? Betty King in the UK, Stacey Campbell, Jane Hamon, Julie Meyer, Patricia King, Juanita Bynum, and Emma Stark from Scotland. And tons more are regularly featured in the Elijah List.


I have come across Every Nation prophets and I am grateful for this compilation. Please let me know why you don't think this is a healthy church group. Thank you for your help and work!

Jason Strange

Hello, I am a prophet and I am about 80% accurate, although I tend only to write or utter one prophecy per year to either leaders or joe public. Will I go to hell for the 20% i get wrong or be blessed for the 80% i get right by way of mitigation? One pastor refuses to even open a word document i sent two years ago for fear he may be required to change something in his church, which has haemorraged since his arrival. The closer you get to accuracy in your utterances, the more sickness the enemy tries to throw your way, it is a lonely existence, but worth it for the release it brings to captive christians. Hope this helps. Jason

Will Riddle

Your ability to prophesy does not have much to do with your salvation. Remember he said "many will prophesy in my name.. but I will say depart from me I never knew you" A good prophet doesn't just prophesy into random people and situations, or do so once a year. A good prophet is a normal part of a healthy body just like everyone else. and is receiving things on a consistent basis, which. It is not supposed to be any more lonely than the walk of any other Christian.

Man From Modesto

Well said, Will. I agree. Drawing near to God; being intimate with God in a "pray always" way is a basic part of being a Christian. Scripture directs us to test our faith by praying for the sick. Some may be more regular in one gift or another. But, all of us should be experiencing the full might of the Kingdom of God: healings, visions, prophecy, peace, wisdom, discernment and more.

Will Riddle

Robert -- Thanks for your comment and for checking out the page.

Ross Smith

concerning the so called prophet ron campell from dallas. i have seen this man in action and heard him speak. he is deeply compeling and to the inmature beliver he would come off as being a true prophet. however any one with any ability in the natural of human observation and behaviour could say what he says. when i confronted this man privatly and in love and direct as i was led in person he became full of hate and violence,threats and threatened to sue me in a secular court and had me kicked out of my church. take that for what its worth.

Mark Blakeman

To what Ross Smith said, I feel the same way about Ed Traut. His teachings we're extremely sarcastic and weak regarding biblical annointing or prophetic teaching His attempt at 'prophetic ministry' was some of the most disturbing uses of the prophetic in a borderline racist-sexist opinions on people's lives that I have ever seen. I have the link to the meeting he 'performed' in. Or just Google New life Church in Augusta Georgia 2017. Just wanted to add my two cents to such a well-researched list. Most of whom I'm well aquainted with or trained under. But as for Ed Traut the man needs to be examined by those who have the authority to do so. BUT he definitely stirs a crowd, I will give him that.


I know Ron Campbell. My wife and I were profoundly changed by the word spoken to us through his gift. I have spent some time with him, his wife, his children. He and his family have paid a great price to come to the U.S. They left financial comfort in South Africa to come here and have experienced difficult struggles to be here. I did not find him perfect, but he is real. I have seen numerous prophets minister in the prophetic. Ron has a powerful gift in personal prophecy and has left a trail of "fruit" all across our country in the many individuals who have been touched by the heart of God and changed forever.

Joel Harrison

I find these comments by Ross Smith a little hard to believe or swallow. I have known Ron for over 13 years through his coming and ministering to our church in Euless, TX, and for the last 6 years I have known him as a personal friend. Please consider that as you read my post as some of my emotions may creep through a bit. Ron is my friend who I know very well and love. It is very upsetting to see such inflammatory posts online about someone I care about, especially when they are unsupported. I would say Ron is a prophet and I certainly do not consider myself an immature believer (I came to Christ on September 29, 1993 and have been growing in Him ever since, including leading bible studies, worship and having preached at churches on several occasions) and I know for a fact that Ron has a prophetic gifting. I have watched him minister and bless people over the last 13 years in my local congregation. Many were first time visitors who could not believe that Ron had the “knowledge” of their situation and were tremendously blessed by what God spoke through him. He has been a huge blessing to our church and to my family. I always personally find it interesting how people want to stand in the background and criticize others, throwing stones saying the other person is not theologically sound or is doing something wrong. The irony is especially compounded when they themselves cannot or will not do what they are criticizing the other person for. I love the way Ross said "however any one with any ability in the natural of human observation and behaviour could say what he says. when i confronted this man privatly and in love and direct as i was led in person". It is strange to me that Ross felt like he had the authority or should have tried to correct a man that, from the sound of his post, he had no relationship with (I could be wrong about that). I am also willing to bet that Ross was not a leader in the church and was just a regular member. Leaders in the church are supposed to handle disputes or matters like this because they are the ones whom God grants the authority to deal with such issues. It would be one thing if Ross had a personal offense against Ron and wanted to deal with that privately, scripture does give clear guidelines on this. Still to me, this sounds like Ross was wanting to correct how Ron was operating in his gift (again making an assumption here as I have no idea what Ross saw or thought through his own “human observation”). Again from the Ross’s post above I would bet this did not involve a personal matter at all but rather one man feeling like he could tell another what to do having no authority or relational channel to do so. I am also assuming that Ross did not go to church leadership and express his concerns to them. Had he done this, his concerns could have been addressed properly out of authority and relationship. The verse "pull the plank out of your own eye so you can address the speck in your brother's" comes to mind here with this whole post. I agree with both Steven and Linda above. That said, I unlike Linda can vouch for Ron's character and motive and say Ron is a good man who loves the Lord and wants to serve Him with every breath. Ron isn’t perfect, but then non of us are. I will say that Ron does not tolerate or put up with people who ignore the scripture for their own agenda or pride, but then the bible seems to speak harshly of those who do this as well. I am not convinced that Ross is telling the whole story in his post and would love to hear what the church leaders who “kicked him out of his church” would have to say about the situation and Ross’s heart in the matter. So please take that for what it is worth.

Edna Mason

I was healed under the ministry of Ron Campbell. I love the man even though i don't know him but I know him by the spirit. A no non-sense guy. He is a great man of God with a great testimony. The wisdom he flows in is truely a gift to the world. We look forward to him coming back.


I know Ron Campbell personally and Ross Smith's remarks are hard to believe. Ron can be "in your face" and protective, but he takes his role as a prophet seriously. He prefers to stay out of the limelight for a reason. he doesn't predict the future, but helps people understand what their role in the Kingdom is if they so choose. Mr Smith needs to be more clear on what he disagreed about Ron was. Or did he not like what Ron prophicied over him.

Edna Mason

Prophet Ron Campbell was just at our ministry and is a down to earth man of God with a very powerful gift. We know personally some of the people the ministered to and boy was he on point. This man is a true Prophet without the star crazed fluf. Very humble and loves people. I could listen to his wisdom all day. Yea given his background as a navy seal and Rambo type of special ops military. He may get in your face if you come with a jealous mocking behavior. He is a mans man so if you the weak type of undercover mocker you may get dealt with. Gods general.

Linda Kurtz

I have known Ron Campbell personally for over 14 years. All I can say is, a person can have a calling from God and still have terrible character. The gifts and calling of God are without repentance. He does not change His mind about how He intends to manifest Himself through a person's life. Paul talks of this in Philippians 1:15 Some indeed preach Christ out of envy and strife; and some also of good will;(16) The one preach Christ of contention,not sincerely,supposing to add affliction to my bonds: (17)But the other of love,knowing that I am set for the defense of the gospel.(18) What then? notwithstanding,every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice. What I get from this is, "Don't let the motive of the person preaching the gospel hinder you from hearing the gospel." I cannot vouch for Ron Campbell's character or motive. Better not go there in my case. But he is a prophet sent from God. Chew the meat. Spit out the bones and worship the God that speaks through the prophet. Don't worship or even consider the prophet. They might not be someone you want to be friends with.


great blog, keep it up


Hello- I stumbled on this sight researching a little about an author and prophet, Jim Driscoll- he has a new book out and I was curious about who he is. Anyway I just want to say how interested I was that you were at the meeting in Vermont a few years ago when Graham Cook was there. I was there too. It was so MUDDY and I never saw so much rain! I see this is an old page though. God bless, Renee


Interesting, Renee. I, too, stumbled upon this site as I was looking for information about Jim Driscoll because of the "Modern Seer" book. Despite the age of the blog, I hope someone can shed a little more light on Jim Driscoll's credentials as a prophet. P.S.-- As per the previous postings, it should be obvious through the New Testament that the fruit of the spirit is THE sign of a true prophet (you will know them by thier fruit), not his/her ability to "get it right." There are a number of false prophets who can "get it right" concerning prophecy and will lead the body of Christ astray.

Caleb Brinkley

As far as Jim Driscoll goes I can testify to his authenticity he teaches a prophetic class at Dwelling Place Christian fellowship in Christiansburg, Va on the every 2 Monday night. I have been learning under him for about 3 months now and His talk is backed up by his walk. In fact he walks more than he talks. The Modern Seer is an awesome book, I would recommend it to anyone. He is the overseer for a ministry called Stir the water and it is an awesome ministry. Definitely has the fruit of the spirit working in His life. :)


I had a lot of interaction with Every Nation and I was wondering if you could give me more details as to why you think they are preventing these men from utilizing their gifts? On a personal note...I feel that EN does this to everyone...from the top down. We saw a lot of control under their leadership. Jim Laffoon personally oversees our former pastor and his church plants.

Rusty Wimberly

I'm enjoying your blog. However, regarding this post. I wonder how many of these prophets you know personally? Sounds like you've experienced their gift which is no credit to them any more than the color of their eyes. we should know a true prophet by the fruit of the Spirit in their life, not by how well they can predict or read someones mail.

Will Riddle

Rusty, thanks for your compliment and for checking out my blog. I have met a couple of them personally, and friends have known others. Let's dig into your comment about fruit William Branham was definitely the greatest prophet of the 20th century, but he died a heretic. During the 10 good years of his ministry, however, he reshaped the church. When he was walking rightly with God his gift built the church and when he got off, it built a cult, but as far as I know he never missed and he was a man of God. I don't see prophets as a special class of people that must be perfect. They are Christians like us who can hear from God a bit better. Same rules apply to them as the rest of us.

Steve Mcleroy

MY only question is, myself having begun in the Charismatic movement in 1976, how many of these supposed prophets meet the requirements of a true prophet of God. If they have even one prophecy WRONG then the penalty is Death. God never has His prophets say "Thus says the Lord..." and then be wrong. My answer, NONE of these are Porphets, at least not of God.

Frank Tarquini Iii

Many times in the OT a prophesy was "wrong" because God does do something different. For example Hezekiah was told he would die but he prayed and God actually sent the prophet back to tell him he would live (2 Kings 20:1-10). And God never said everything he decrees will come to pass. In fact he says the opposite might happen in Jeremiah 18:7-10. And this passage makes it clear that a prophet may say something God told them then the person it was given to does something and it changes and in the end that prophecy does not come to pass. They may not be wrong but something changed the outcome. No prophecy is guaranteed and God made that clear. Very clear.


Hi, it doesn't mean the prophecy was wrong. They humbled themselves and repented, so God in his mercy forgave them.


The OT prophets were never "wrong". In those cases of judgement, the threat of destruction, such as the one you mentioned, God always provides the time for repentance. Often an individual or nation still suffers some consequences depending on what the judgment is for, but the destruction is avoided through repentance. Jeremiah 18:7-10, which you mentioned, speaks of repentance, not God changing his mind because he felt like it. God will NOT have anyone proclaim something in His name just to change his mind. You can't trust someone who does that. You wouldn't be able to trust God's word, his commands, his ways, anything. The only things that change is when there is a change in OUR behaviors. For instance, when God's children move into idolatry and apostasy, the blessings promised are removed because of punishment. But God always allows the time to turn away from evil. Jeremiah 3, we see God pleading with Judah to return to Him, or suffer the same fate as the northern tribes of Israel. When God has his prophets proclaim judgement, the destruction is ONLY avoided through repentance. When there are a bunch of general prophesies, or unconditional prophetic statements and promises, and they don't come true, this is NOT God's nature.

John Howard

There was a prophet named Agabus in the book of acts that made a prophetic statement that the Jews would bind Paul and hand him over to the Romans. This did not happen the way Agabus decreed. The Jews were trying to kill Paul and the Romans rescued him from them and they (the Romans) bound him. The text doesn't say if they bound his feet. So, should Agabus have been stoned. I think not.

Robin Fi

Hi Steve: I think there is such a complete misunderstanding of the purpose of NT prophecy among some circles within the Body of Christ. It's primary purpose is to edify, encourage and comfort the Body of Christ. 1 Cor. 14:3. We are also encouraged to test the word and hold fast what is good in the word. 1 Thes 5:21. We are not to despise prophecy 1 Thes. 5:20 (which can easily happen when some folks make mistakes)...but simply to hold fast to what is good. Why would we be asked to test the word if no mistakes would be made? If you will look at the passage concerning the NT prophet Agabus (Acts chapter 21) you will discover that he made a slight mistake. He said that the Jews (implying only those Jews who were against Paul) would bind Paul's hands and feet" oops...he got it wrong. The Jews did not bind Paul, the Roman soldiers did. So Agabus made a slight mistake with his prophecy. He got the thrust right but some of the facts wrong. if you want to be exacting about it he messed up the prophetic word a little bit. That is because when God speaks He uses a human vessel and the human part doesn't always hear perfectly. Obviously the church did not stone him! God wasn't mad at him nor should we be. Also, we must realize that the Holy Spirit literally came upon OT prophets who spoke to Kings. The bestowing of the Holy Spirit was more limited and so the call for perfection was higher, particularly as God was dealing with kings.The Jewish people of that time did not experience the infilling of the Holy Spirit. This filling of the Holy Spirit was released upon the church body at large (Chapter 2 book of Acts) so that the gifts of the Holy Spirit could now be broadly shared within the Body. Because every believer in the Body of Christ has the Holy Spirit we can all prophesy. 1 cor. 14:31. Because we can all prophecy the standard is a bit lower and mistakes will be made. Again, we are speaking to edify, exhort and comfort the Body of Christ....and most of us won't be talking to kings. Now, if we look for OT prophets that were stoned for their false prophecies..they are.pretty hard to find. What we discover from scripture is that the genuine prophets were the ones who often got killed. Zechariah was killed 2 chr 24; the genuine prophets of God were killed by Jezebel 1 Kings 18; and John the Baptist was beheaded. And one extra biblical historical account says Isaiah was sawn in half. Hope this helps. Blessings to you! Robin


1 Cor. 14:31 does not state that everyone in the body of Christ can prophesy. According to 1Cor. 12:11 it is the Holy Spirit that distributes the gifts. He alone decides which gift each person should have. Again in Ro. 12:6 God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. Eph.4:16 Each part of the body does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow so that the whole body is healthy, growing, and full of love. As far as testing the word, is not just related to prophesy. We are to test all gifts of the Spirit. Not all Spirits today are operating in the Holy Spirit. The thing I do not understand is, what is the purpose for all these "schools of prophesy"? If we are given the gift by God, no man should have to show us how to a the "perfect" gift from God. The Holy Spirit is suppose to be working through us! Once we start operating in our self instead of the Spirit, that's when things go wrong. Hope you understand my concerns. God Bless you! Majorrn

Carlos S Azevedo

I fully agree with you saint. And in particular in regards of "school of prophets" what kind of nonsense is that?? People have lost the fear of the Lord! Their greed and the love of money have blinded many! Stay continually blessed saint.

Will Riddle

Everyone needs training, regardless of what their gift is. Would you want a pastor with no training? Even a gifted evangelist must train to be effective. Prophecy is no different. This is why there was a school of the prophets in the OT: 1 Samuel 19:18–24 , 2 Kings 2 and 4:38–44. You must keep in mind that everything the Holy Spirit does in your life must go through you. You are not a robot. The Holy Spirit speaks /through/ you, not around you. Therefore there is always a human element in prophecy like all other ministries. Also, I don't know by what basis you claim that 1 Cor 14:31 does not say all can prophesy. That appears to be exactly what it says to me.

Carlos S Azevedo

Be careful of your uttered foolish words. Dr Dick Mills 2001 a real prophet of God! Of dickmillsministries and Dr Chuck Flynn 2011 of prophetic trumpet ministries. I've had the hornor of meeting in person on the years above mentioned! Both gone home to the Lord. I've been called to the office of a prophet by God through Dr Chuck Flynn February 6th 2011 and the Lord has taken the lead since then and has never failed me nor His people yet!

Will Riddle

Steve, Thanks for your comment. I'm not sure why you think that the Old Testament Law standard for prophets is applicable to New Testament Prophets. Do you also recommend we put to death rebellious children? Also there is conditionality in Prophecy. Jonah prophesied that the city would be overturned in 40 days but it wasn't. That would have made him a false prophet as well. It is important that we stay open to the working of God including prophecy, healing, miracles for today. Otherwise we might find ourselves opposing the Holy Spirit.


Listen to what God said about Jonah's prophecy - God told Jonah to prophecy as he did - and the Scripture says that he did as he was told. But God relented when the people repented - this was God's decision, which validated Jonah's prophecy. 1Then the word of the Lord came to Jonah the second time, saying, 2“Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and call out against it the message that I tell you.” 3So Jonah arose and went to Nineveh, according to the word of the Lord. Now Nineveh was an exceedingly great city,a three days’ journey in breadth.b 4Jonah began to go into the city, going a day’s journey. And he called out, “Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown!” 10When God saw what they did, how they turned from their evil way, God relented of the disaster that he had said he would do to them, and he did not do it.

Will Riddle

Exactly my point. There was implied conditionality in the prophecy.

J Meirink

I just read this almost 7 year old comment from Steve McLeroy and I agree with him. I was in a John Paul Jackson meeting in the early 80"s, he was saying prophets crave visions and dreams. That's scary, prophets are preachers of the word just like any other minister and IF the Spirit moves upon them, then and only then should he give what he has. You can't work this up otherwise a familiar spirit will attach himself to that person and say things that may partially be true but are from a demonic source. It is "as the Spirit wills." not as the prophet wills. Secondly he started sharing about this dream he had and it just didn't seem right so I silently prayed and asked God about it, and up in my spirit I both saw and heard the words "spirit of error" this was repeated in my spirit a second time when I had asked the Lord again, and I was startled. For the sake of those present I bound that spirit of error in Jesus Name barely whispering when I did it. Immediately he started coughing and couldn't speak. I didn't bind him, that's unscriptural. I bound that spirit of error from operating. I commanded all that was from that meeting to be shut down. In less than a minute he walked off saying something was resisting him. Well the Holy Spirit cannot be bound, it WAS that spirit of error that stopped operating through him. Paul said that the lady with a spirit of divination in Acts 16 was "crying out these men are bondservants of the most high God, who are proclaiming to you the way of salvation." That was true but it was from a demonic source not from the Holy Spirt. People need to be careful about these things and not just swallow everything they hear. God bless all of you born again believers.

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