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Schools of Supernatural Ministry

Will Riddle 8 minutes to read

In the last hundred years or so, the Lord has been restoring the Holy Spirit to His rightful role in the Church. The Body of Christ has been rediscovering the importance of miracles, healing, and the prophetic in demonstrating the gospel.

As the Body is maturing in the gifts of the Spirit, the days of superstars and the anointed person like Kathryn Kuhlman and Oral Roberts is giving way to a movement of equipping the saints and activating the entire Body of Christ. Perhaps the earliest major proponent of this strategy was John Wimber and the Vineyard. John Wimber had a way of being “naturally supernatural,” and he deflected attention from himself, preferring to train his congregation and have them pray for one another.

Today, Randy Clark continues Wimber’s democratizing approach with his insistence that Jesus can use anyone, even “little old me,” to heal the sick and perform signs and wonders. And in the last few years, YouTube videos by people like Todd White have sparked a movement of street evangelism, where ordinary believers heal the sick and share the gospel in everyday encounters with people.

As part of this move, schools of supernatural ministry (SSMs) have sprung up to equip believers in walking in everything that Jesus did, and greater. They range from large, established organizations that were founded, sometimes decades ago, by pioneers in Holy Spirit ministry, to new, little heard-of schools. Here, I’ve tried to compile a list of resources. I’ve roughly sorted the SSM’s into “Established,” “Smaller and based around a personality,” and “Newer and radical.”

Many churches are also developing programs for training their members in the gifts of the Spirit. If you would like a practical guide to Holy Spirit ministry, please check out my book School of the Spirit. School was developed at Radiant Church in Kansas City, and is successful with people across a wide range of the theological and social spectrum.

Mainstream and Established:

Several of the established SSM’s are or grew out of Bible colleges. Since its inception, the Pentecostal/charismatic movement has had a tendency towards Bible schools for laity. In fact, William Seymore learned about tongues from William Parham in his homegrown Bible school in Topeka Kansas in 1901. In the 80’s and 90’s churches started operating schools inside their churches. The idea is that practical and experiential learning is more important than book learning.

Christ for the Nations Institute, Dallas, TX – The “original” SSM. Founded by Gordon Lindsay, who was mentored by John G. Lake, as a training center for the revivalists and missionaries. CFNI offers a 3-year bachelors program. James Maloney was a professor there, and many other prophetic people have gone through there.

Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, Redding, CA (also online) – Bethel is arguably the most influential charismatic church in America today. Their SSM was founded in 1998 and is headed by Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton. Their alumni have gone on to such audacious endeavors as starting a Dead Raising Team.  Bethel is a full-time 3-year program with intensive worship, Bible study, ministry training, and outreach.

Global Awakening School of Ministry, Mechanicsburg, PA (also online) – Randy Clark is unique among people with big healing ministries in that he also has a quite scholarly bent. His ministry school offers various options, from a 9-month on-site school, to a 3-week summer intensive, to accredited Master’s and Doctorate degrees through the Global Awakening Theological Seminary and the Randy Clark Scholars at United Theological Seminary. I know several very thoughtful Christians, who minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, who have gone through Randy’s training programs.

FIRE School of Ministry, Concord, NC (also online) – Dr. Michael Brown’s ministry school grew out of the Brownsville Revival in 1995. FIRE School is a 2-year program aiming to produce missionary and revival-minded leaders who are grounded in the Word and anointed by the Holy Spirit. Notable alumni include Christ For All Nations evangelist Daniel Kolenda and GOD TV president Ward Simpson.

Charis Bible College, Woodland Park, CO (also online) – Andrew Wommack’s Bible College was founded in 1994 and offers on-site as well as online courses. The emphasis is on renewing the mind to God’s Word, and especially on believing for healing. Has a Word of Faith flavor.

International House of Prayer University, Kansas City, MO – Mike Bickle’s IHOPKC University offers ministry training in the context of night-and-day prayer. Their aim is to send out believers who love Jesus and others to preach the Word, heal the sick, serve the poor, plant churches and houses of prayer, and proclaim the return of Jesus. They offer both a 4-year program and graduate opportunities.

Morningstar University, Fort Mill, SC – Rick Joyner’s college of leadership trains Spirit-filled leaders. They offer a college of transformational leadership as well as a worship school grounded in their long tradition of anointed corporate worship.

Portland Bible College, Portland, OR – Founded out of the Latter Rain. Kevin Conner, perhaps the world’s leading Pentecostal/charismatic Bible teacher, was a key part of its founding years.

Rhema Bible Training College, Broken Arrow, OK – Kenneth Hagin’s accredited full-time Bible college with a Word of Faith flavor.

Smaller and based around a personality:

In addition to the well-established SSM’s above, there are also a variety of lesser-known SSM’s springing up to equip believers. Many of these are based around a personality.

Global Celebration School of Ministry (GCSSM), Harrisburg, PA, NYC – Georgian and Winnie Banov’s SSM training Christians to be “naturally supernatural” as a lifestyle. From what I’ve heard, it has a similar flavor to Bethel and Global Awakening. They meet on evenings, so it is a good option for people who are working. They are opening a campus in Washington, DC, this fall.

Iris Global Schools, various locations (also online) – Almost everyone in the charismatic world has heard the amazing testimonies of blind eyes opening, the deaf hearing, and the dead raised in Heidi and Rolland’s remarkable mission in Mozambique. Iris Global Schools is their supernatural missions training program. They offer options in various locations as well as online, and the opportunity to go on mission trips with Iris.

Generals International (online) – Mike and Cindy Jacobs offer online courses on spiritual warfare, intercession, and the prophetic.

The Ascent, Greenville, SC (also online) – Bridgeway Church’s discipleship school. It is a 3-year-long intensive program combining classroom learning with hands-on discipleship. Its goal is to train disciples who ascend the mountain and know God, not just know about Him. The Ascent aims to make disciples who hear and obey God’s voice.

Resting Place School of Ministry, Woodland Park, NJ – Resting Place School of Ministry is for people who want to be involved in prayer ministry and intercession in the context of the Resting Place community. It is designed to teach identity, intimacy with God, and practical ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Lifestyle Christianity University, Watauga, TX – Todd White ‘s new ministry school is a 2-year intensive program with a 3rd year internship. The first year curriculum focuses on identity and revelation of the Father’s love through sonship. The second year teaches the student to develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit and so minister to others with love and power. The goal is to produce disciples who minister supernaturally as a lifestyle.

Jesus School, Orlando, Fl – Michael Koulianos’ 2-year school for raising up disciples who are immersed in worship and equipped to share the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit. Emphasis on signs, wonders, and miracles, and revival history. Speakers have included Bill Johnson, Daniel Kolenda, Lou Engle, Todd White and more.

Christ for All Nations Bootcamp, Orlando, FL – Daniel Kolenda’s new training for evangelists with a burning desire to preach the gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons, and bring the Kingdom. CFAN provides a platform for the graduates in places where they hold crusades.

Dominion Bible Institute (online) – Curry Blake is the successor to John G. Lake, and this is his 2-year ministry training school. He also offers online and in-person seminar trainings on divine healing, identity in Christ, and spiritual warfare. I worked with Curry in the 2000’s when he was one of the few voices claiming that God’s will is ALWAYS healing. Believers who have gone through the Divine Healing Technician training are some of the most aggressive and tenacious against sickness that you will find.

Encounter School of Ministry, Brighton, MI – Founded by Patrick Reis and Fr. Mathias Thelen, Encounter School is the leading SSM among Catholics. It teaches extensively on healing and the prophetic, and has many Global Awakening and Bethel influences.

Glory School (location varies) – Patricia King offers these trainings on how to access the supernatural through Holy Spirit-led, Kingdom encounters. The goal is to teach students to enjoy the presence of God in worship and to intercede from a heavenly perspective.

Newer and Radical:

Like the smaller schools mentioned above, the newest and more radical SSM’s also tend to be focused around a personality. Some explore concepts that are “edgier” than healing and prophecy – for example, traveling in the spirit and seeing in the spirit.

Royal Family International University, Hutchinson, KS – Pete Cabrera, Jr.’s week-long intensive training on the believer’s identity in Christ and how to live out His calling in everyday life. Includes hands-on street ministry component. I have a few friends whose first healings were at their time in RFIU.

The Pioneer School (online) – Torben Sondergaard is the evangelist from Denmark whose Last Reformation movement now spans worldwide. His Pioneer School videos elucidate the full gospel including repentance, water baptism, Spirit baptism, and evangelism with healing, casting out demons, and signs and wonders. The Last Reformation also organizes Kickstarts that take believers onto the streets to evangelize in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Unveiled Life Power School (online) – Founder Jeff Randle was discipled by Curry Blake. He has some wild testimonies of interceding to bring about outcomes that were covered in national and international news. His Unveiled Life Power School is aimed at raising up believers who are powerful intercessors.

Inside Out Training and Equipping School (online) – Cheryl Fritz heads this online training school. They have live calls with activations on such topics as healing, prophecy, words of knowledge, speaking in tongues, and more. I have some friends who are trainers with Inside Out.

Seer School (online) – Michael Van Vlymen’s course on seeing in the Spirit.

A great deal of growth in the supernatural also happens simply by community and doing. Many Christians who operate powerfully in the Holy Spirit started simply by believing and acting on God’s Word with a small group of like-minded believers. If you would like an alternative, pre-cursor, or accompaniment to a SSM for jumpstarting Holy Spirit ministry in your church or small group, check out my book School of the Spirit.


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Mac Joe

can you truly learn to use spiritual gifts from a school? Can you learn from a book? If it can be taught, why are miracles so infrequent and rare? Why are prophets so scarce?

Will Riddle

These are great questions. I would say that we clearly can learn from a book, because God gave us a book -- the Bible. And that Jesus taught the disciples in his traveling "school" for three years and they became supernatural, so I would say that personal instructional is also effective and valuable. That does not mean these are the only factors however. One's lifestyle and gifts are also an important factor. Miracles are not as rare as you would think. But they are very rare among people who don't believe in them and among people who don't need them or ask for them. Prophets are also not super rare, but high level prophets are rare, just like high level athletes are rare.


Tree Of Life ministry school in Monterey, CA is a off shoot of the Bethel Redding teaching. Thank you for your information.

John T Rovenstine

Are there any schools OUTSIDE the USA, it is totally impossible to get a visa to attend these schools for many countries.

Esther Tsai

hi John, Global Awakening and Bethel both have online schools of ministry ( and I would check those out!


This information is helpful and will go a long way in addressing the shortage of skilled missinaries and Apostles in the market place especially in our continent of Africa.

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