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Cracking the End Time Code — The Course

Designed to accompany the book Cracking the End Time Code.

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Is the world about to end or will it last for thousands more years? Are contemporary events in the Middle East foretold by the book of Revelation? Are the blood moons a sign of the end? And why is all of this so confusing anyway? For thousands of years, Christians have been confused by questions about the end times, but even if others are confused, you don’t have to be. Cracking the End Time Code gets to the heart of the matter by breaking down all of the major theories and making them easy to understand. Together, we will examine history, theology, and the Bible on the search for truth. Open your mind. The answers may surprise you.

1 Introduction

2 History of History

3 Why Believe What You Believe

4 Old Testament Prophecy

5 What Jesus Taught

6 Thousand Years

7 Approaches To Revelation

8 Structure of Revelation

9 Content of Revelation

10 You Are Now Reigning

11 Cracking the Code

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