School of The Spirit: Basic Training for Spirit-Filled Ministry Teams

Many churches are seeking for an increased ministry of the Holy Spirit in their midst, but do not have solid, contemporary tools to empower build healthy teams. The School of the Spirit is a ministry training manual which your church can use to build a culture that celebrates the work of the Holy Spirit in a way that edifies the body. The School designed to be run as a 12-week small group and introduces the work of the Spirit in a safe way and builds healthy culture in your church.


Biblical Dream Interpretation

When you read the Bible, you quickly discover that one of the main ways God speaks to people is through dreams. In Genesis, God speaks to Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph in dreams. The book of Daniel is replete with dreams – the pagan king Nebuchadnezzar receives dreams foretelling the coming Kingdom of God, and Daniel is given the wisdom to…

August 4, 20209 min read

Schools of Supernatural Ministry

In the last hundred years or so, the Lord has been restoring the Holy Spirit to His rightful role in the Church. The Body of Christ has been rediscovering the importance of miracles, healing, and the prophetic in demonstrating the gospel. As the Body is maturing in the gifts of the Spirit, the days of superstars and the anointed person…

July 4, 202010 min read

Exercising the Gift of Discernment

While there are numerous books and teachings on hearing the voice of God, focusing on the Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, and Prophecy, little is ever said of the Gift of Discernment.  On the other hand, it’s not uncommon to hear someone says “Where is our discernment?”  There are two popular ways of viewing discernment, but I don’t think…

May 30, 20207 min read

How NOT to Receive a Prophecy

Just as there is an art to hearing God’s voice for other people, so too is there an art to receiving prophetic words addressed to you. Most people know that a prophecy must be consistent with Scripture in order to be valid. But there is also a psychological process to receiving a prophecy. Over time, I have noticed several common…

May 28, 20207 min read

Why Prophetic People Can Miss It

Some influential Christians have said that prophetic people need to be 100% accurate, or they should be considered a “false prophet.” This “all or nothing” attitude comes from an interpretation of certain verses in the Old Testament, in which the Israelites were instructed to stone a prophet who prophesied in the Name of the Lord things that failed to come…

May 27, 20207 min read

Prophets That I Know About

The prophetic movement began in 1948 with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. A group of Pentecostal Bible students from the Sharon Orphanage and Schools began fasting after some of their leaders had driven to Vancouver to see William Branham in person. Branham’s gift was so amazing that they began to seek God to see similar…

May 10, 202024 min read

Things to Understand About Prophecy

Prophecy and Your Walk with God Many Christians are uncertain or inexperienced with personal prophecy, but I have found that prophecy can fast track your walk with God if you utilize it properly. If I speak a word over you, I want you to have a healthy, positive experience, so here are some guidelines to help. The Purpose of Prophecy…

January 1, 20087 min read