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Kingdom Change is a ministry to leaders in the Body of Christ. Will Riddle is a strategist who helps leaders bring their organizations to the next level. His strategic skills have been tapped by non-profits, churches, political action groups, and government agencies. If your organization is in need of a strategic consultation, we invite you to contact us.

Will’s mission is to bring clarity to areas of confusion and train God’s people to empower God’s people influence the systems of the world through Christian principles. Will’s teaching is uniquely practical and cuts through contemporary confusion. He brings breakthrough insights into the big-picture issues confronting the church today. He is author of many written works, which can be found on the Books page.

Will holds a Master of Divinity in Urban Ministry from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and a B.A. from Duke University. Those interested may review our Statement of Faith.

In addition to his strategic insights, Will ministers with depth and insight reflective of his pastor’s heart. Recent testimonies of Will’s personal ministry can be found on the Endorsements page.

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