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Presence Based Discipleship

After the Resurrection, some disciples lost hope. They left Jerusalem and started down the road to the tiny town of Emmaus. That was until Jesus came along—listening, asking questions, and restoring their faith.

In Presence Based Discipleship, Will Riddle, reveals the secrets of this timeless story. Full of practical wisdom and real-life examples, you will learn to apply these Biblical principles and dramatically increase your fruitfulness in ministry.

This is essential reading for anyone who has ever tried to help someone else on their journey with Jesus—especially pastors and lay leaders. Come experience the life-altering journey of Presence-Based Discipleship.

Can God Really Meet Your Emotional Needs?

Will Riddle5 minutes to read

When I was in college under the campus ministry, all answers came back to, “God is the answer.” If you felt lonely and depressed, God was the answer. If you were lonely and needed more friends, God was the answer. If you thought a girl was cute and wished you …

The Pastor's Heart

Will Riddle5 minutes to read

What do you think of when you think of a "pastor"? The leader of a church? A preacher? Someone with a friendly personality? A pastor may be all of those things, but fundamentally, Biblically speaking, the essence of a pastor is something else: a shepherd. This shepherd keeps watch, over …

Helping Others to Develop Emotionally

Will Riddle5 minutes to read

When you are a little baby and you cry, your mom might say to you, “Oh, are you sad?”, or when you laugh she might say, “Oh, you’re so happy!” This is part of a healthy upbringing. Your parents and others who love you are giving you words for your …

How to Avoid Pastoral Burnout

Will Riddle7 minutes to read

If you are any good at pastoring, you will quickly have more people to help than you have time to help them with. This can easily lead to burnout, where you are swamped pouring effort into your flock and seeing very little return. So the question becomes who do you …

Christian Codependency

Will Riddle8 minutes to read

A codependent relationship is one where the love flow is based on one person providing assistance and the other person receiving assistance. In the world, this pairing is usually found between someone who is has low self-esteem and tolerates selfish behavior from the other person. In Christian settings, however, a …

Approaches to Christian Counseling

Will Riddle6 minutes to read

The basic task of pastoring people is helping them to grow. A major component of this then is counseling. And both counseling and pastoring are tied closely to your view of sanctification, and your view of the human person. There are several major schools of thought within the church today …

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