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Will Riddle is a leader of leaders. He helps others stay in the race and overcome. I’m a richer person because of his friendship.

Bob Sorge

Author, Secrets of the Secret Place

Very rarely does a leader possess a deep hunger for The Holy Spirit, phenomenal leadership skills, and a deep knowledge of The Scriptures. Will Riddle embodies all three and sacrificially pours out his life to train emerging leaders in our church. He loves, serves, disciples, and prepares leaders for ministry with consistency and excellence.

David Perkins

Lead Pastor, Radiant Church KC

Few have impacted me in the Spirit like Will. His years of obedience to the Spirit has honed him into not only a consistent prophetic voice, but one who can lead others in their own personal honing process. Our City Takers Training Center in Lebanon, TN has benefitted greatly from Will’s teaching on the Prophetic. I see him becoming a staple in what God has commissioned us to accomplish in this season. I believe you would be blessed to have Will, in any capacity, steward his giftings in your ministry setting.

Jeremiah Bolich

Jeremiah Bolich Ministries

Will and Jaime Riddle have been a constant strength to us during the pioneering days of OneEleven Global. They have become good friends who consistently encourage us with prophetic accuracy through the word of God. Both Will and Jaime bring a unique blend of wisdom and prophetic insight that has become so practical in our lives. We heartily recommend the ministry of Kingdom Change to leaders looking for acceleration.

Murray and Deborah Hiebert

Directors, OneEleven Global

I can easily and heartily recommend Will Riddle to you. He has many noble attributes, not the least of which is how he carries himself with gentleness and respect (I Pet 3:15). You will feel valued and appreciated when he’s with you. And with that strong characteristic in his ministry, you’ll find it very easy to receive his caring shepherding of prophetic people and Kingdom insights for those in prophetic ministry. Will is a rich well of God’s heart and God’s nature to the body of Christ. Be blessed!

Mark Hendrickson

Dwelling Place Ministries
Author, Supernatural Provision

Working with Will as a consultant brings hope, clarity, and joy to the sometimes overwhelming task of church management. Will brings an integrated approach to consulting, bringing his strengths as a teacher, pastor, and hearer of God’s voice to bear at every meeting. He combines intellectual context, and a pastor’s heart with prophetic insight that brings me confidence in the decisions I make weekly to position our church to encounter God and impact our community for good.

Pastor Craig Paczkowski

Full Life Church, Catskill, NY

We live in tumultuous times where each of us is bombarded with a plethora of voices shouting out what is “correct”. I personally know Will Riddle. His voice consistently and surgically cuts through the verbiage and clutter of life with God’s Truth. I highly commend and recommend Will.

Pastor John Enderby, PhD

Transformation House Church, Lenexa, KS

Working with ministry leaders is not the easiest job in the world, but my friend Will Riddle handles it masterfully. His easy style of both prophetic understanding and communication wisdom have allowed him to gather, encourage, and facilitate dialogues with, and ministry to, many of his ministry peers with great success. I highly recommend Will to anyone who wants to grow in their knowledge of God.

Dr. Bill Greenman

President, Global Purpose Strategies

Will Riddle, along with his wife Jaime, are personal favorites. Together, they relentlessly learn well from God about God and His Kingdom ways. Their considerable wisdom is evidenced as they incarnate God’s Word in life’s four prioritized challenges: personal prayer and righteousness; the intentional, relational discipling of four unusually godly children; the sacrificial laying down of their lives to help plant and “parent” young churches; and effective marketplace witness. Times together are treasured; we leave encouraged and strengthened in love for Jesus and His Kingdom advancement.

Hal Perkins

Author, Discipled by Jesus, If Jesus Were a Parent

I have had the privilege of getting to know Will Riddle over the past year and have been on the receiving end of his prophetic ministry to leaders. His unique gifting, being an administrator, which is inherently logical in thinking, blends nicely with a prophetic fatherly gift. I have observed this also in the spiritual health of his family — an atmosphere of honor, love and deep connection inherent in the family unit. It has been my pleasure to minister alongside Will. You sense his intimate relationship with Jesus, the richness of his history in the Kingdom, and a desire to lay it all down to do the Father’s will.

Earl Ackley III

The Well. Clinton, MO

This is to recommend and endorse the ministry of Will Riddle and Kingdom Change. I have known Will for three years and observed his ability as a teacher, leader, and prophetic voice to the body of Christ and his community. Will has a unique ability to draw leaders together, encourage and facilitate their meeting in understanding. His character and example as a teacher, father, and community leader is evident to all who know him.

Pat Bryson

Pat Bryson Ministries

I would like to commend the strategic consulting of Will Riddle. Will helped OCA refocus on our mission. His insightful analysis enabled us to recognize our organization’s strengths and areas of deficiency, and how to address them. I highly recommend his strategic consulting to any business or organization that is looking to undergo a review and stress test for the betterment of their mission or business plan. If you are serious about taking the next steps, Will will help you get there.

Chris Long

Ohio Christian Alliance

Over the past 5 years I have had the honor to receive prayer and ministry from Will at key moments in my life. The words the Lord has spoken through Will have all been filled with encouragement and truth, with almost 100% accuracy. Will’s passion for God, authority in faith and generous love for people make him someone I deeply respect and trust. I continue to revisit those prayers to remember what God is doing and still promised to do.

Jonathan Sims

Austin, TX

Will’s Ministry has had a deep impact on my life and walk with Jesus. He has helped me understand relationship with the Father and how to walk with God on a day to day basis. Will has also ministered prophetically to me on a number of occasions with a high degree of accuracy and delivered his words with love, gentleness and wisdom. I would highly recommend his ministry to others.

Chris Magquire

Wendover, UK

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